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Thoughts for the Week / Re: Thoughts of the Month~ June
« Last post by Janet on Today at 09:41:04 AM »
We are back home again!  The Zurvita convention was great; we learned a lot and saw so many receive awards for their success in the business!  We don't really expect that level of advancement, as we are lots older than most; plus we just aren't "hungry" enough. (But don't tell anyone in the company I said that!)  :-X

We are happy to be home, and I'm feeling pressured to do five days worth of work today to get back on track!  Think I can do it?  ;)

Judy, I sincerely think Zeal would help you with your low blood sugar problem.  If you're interested, I can send you some samples, or you can contact me and I can get you in touch with someone who knows a lot more than I do!  So good to hear Pat is home, hope she doesn't try to overdo now that her pain is less.  I know that's always a temptation!

So good to read the posts here, but I'm sad that so many have stopped posting.  If you're looking in, please know that we miss you!

So much to do, so little time!
Thoughts for the Week / Re: Thoughts of the Month~ June
« Last post by Larry Hanna on Today at 05:47:11 AM »
Hi Everyone.  Hi everyone on a day that starts out at 70 degrees with 100% humidity and will get to the mid-90's or above on a sunny day with no chance of rain.  I did water the lawn this morning.  Yesterday at Church was our Associate Pastor's last Sunday with us and he preached a really good sermon.  He is headed to Hampton, SC and will pastor two small churches.  Our new Associate Pastor will start on July 1.  I had a nice quiet afternoon and evening.  Nothing on the schedule for today but sure I will find something to keep me occupied. 
Carol, I think your problem with the cursor moving to a different line where you don't want it is the result of you accidentally touching the little touch pad below the keyboard.  There should be a setting, on my laptop is it Function Key + F8 key that toggles this function on and off.  There is also a setting in the Control Panel where you find printers that should disable this function.  We don't need this function when we use a mouse.  In the past I have also taken a piece of card board or several index cards Scotch taped together and used Scotch tape on placed over the touch pad and this prevented me accidentally grazing it and moving the cursor. 

Ruth Ann, so sorry to see you have a new problem with your right shoulder.  I knew we had been missing your postings for a few days.  I do hope you will get better soon.  Thanks for letting us know.   
Thoughts for the Week / Re: Thoughts of the Month~ June
« Last post by Ruth Ann Bice on June 17, 2018, 08:32:54 PM »
Hi, friends,

I have problems with right shoulder -  I can't lift it to comb hair.

So typing is almost impossible. This has been a rough 3 weeks.

Love to all,

Ruth Ann
Thoughts for the Week / Re: Thoughts of the Month~ June
« Last post by Carol on June 17, 2018, 02:04:44 PM »
Larry: Thank you for the devotion.  I don't believe in coincidence and that is a great example of a lesson to be learned. 

I am still struggling with the Windows 10 that for some reason flips my typing to a different space - for instance, I stalled here for a nano second and looked up to find that my typing was going to the first line of this note.  If anyone has an idea of this issue, please let me know - am about to google the weird problem. 

Thoughts for the Week / Re: Thoughts of the Month~ June
« Last post by Larry Hanna on June 17, 2018, 06:33:01 AM »
Hi Everyone.  It is an overcast morning and they say the rain has moved out for awhile.  I will go to Sunday School and Church on this Father's Day and then if Pat decides not to attend Church I will stop and get something to bring home for lunch as usual as we seldom cook anything on Sunday's.  I do plan on watching the end of the U. S. Open Golf Tournament this afternoon.  It is an extremely hard course and all of the players seem to be struggling.  I need to try to do the walking in the house as haven't done it the last couple days as just didn't have the energy and I had walked a lot at Aldi's yesterday morning. 

I thought this was a really nice, thoughtful and appropriate Devotional that I got in one of the reading I get each morning.

A Praying Father
(By Henry Bosch)
(Provided by Our Daily Bread, RBC Ministries, 6-15-03 devotional)
"Hear my prayer, O Lord, give ear to my supplications! In Your faithfulness answer me." - Psalm 143:1
A minister concluded his sermon one Sunday by saying, "If there's someone here who wants help in getting to know God, and you would like me to pray for you, please raise your hand." A young man stood up and said, "Please pray for me, sir. The burden of my sin is too heavy to bear."
After the service the minister talked with the man and led him to faith in Jesus. The young man had been wandering around the country for 8 years without contacting his parents, so he decided to write to them and tell them about the change in his life.
Several days later, a reply came from his mother: "My dear son, you must have accepted Jesus Christ at the same hour your father went home to heaven. He had been sick for a long time, and that day he was very restless. He tossed from side to side on his bed, crying out, 'Lord, please save my poor, wandering boy.' I'm sure that one of the reasons you became a Christian was Dad's unceasing intercession."
A praying father will "ask," "seek," and "knock" on behalf of his children, persistently trusting his wise heavenly Father to do what is best (Matthew 7:7-11).
Let's thank God today for faithful fathers who never stop praying for their children.
"We thank You, Lord, for fathers true
Who always spoke to us of You;
Their great concern and tender care
Assured us of their constant prayer."
A praying father reflects the love of our heavenly Father.
Carol, I bet your friend really appreciated Don's help with her phone and a penny saved is a penny earned.  Glad you will be getting the railing as we can never be too careful at our age.  I am planning on getting a ramp put at our garage door to our house and will put a hand rail on the wall and possibly on the open side as well although that is more of a problem.  Pat no longer does embroidery either.  I hope your new Aldi's will be close enough to you so that you can give it a try.  I find we save a lot of money by shopping there.  Pat got the 8 quart Instant Pot and it is pretty large.  We leave it at the end of our island where the post is with the plug in.  It is too heavy to try to store in one of the cabinets.  Getting the original appliance is just the beginning as there are a lot of accessory type pans and equipment you can get to go with it and I think Pat has most of them now.  It is very nice as she was able to make our roast beef dinner last evening in much less time than fixing it in the oven and it was very tender. 
Thoughts for the Week / Re: Thoughts of the Month~ June
« Last post by Carol on June 16, 2018, 08:43:42 AM »
Tonight, two sons are coming for dinner.  The crock pot is just starting for a long slowo cooking of an old bean casserole.  Don was able to help a friend with her phone and she will save money now.   One of our boys will install a railing on the brick wall at the front door.  It is the north side and we have to be careful - good to have that safety bar either way.  I am forcing myself to clear the clutter.  There are many patterns being packed to give to Salvation Army and and a lot of stuff our children do not want.  Embroidery is becoming too difficult someone else can enjoy a bag of floss. 

Continued prayers for Pat - Judy & John, and Margrit & Chris.  Pat, I hope you are sleeping better in your own bed.

Judy, I have never heard of low-sugar problem not related to Diabetes either.  Could daily injections help at all?  Or, regular timed sugar pills? 

Larry:  We read Aldi's is coming to this area.  It sounds most interesting.  We do like our smaller store called Sprouts for fresh veggies and other things - and I check the discounts at two big grocery stores.  What size pot did Pat get?  It is becoming the popular thing here. 

We live a few miles from one of the busiest commercial airports in the country but today surpasses anything I have heard before - of course, doors are open here in the cooler morning. 

Thoughts for the Week / Re: Thoughts of the Month~ June
« Last post by Larry Hanna on June 16, 2018, 06:30:44 AM »
Hi Everyone.  It is another beautiful Saturday morning here in South Carolina.  Last evening we had a very nice 20 minute or so shower.  There were more storms in the area but fortunately we only got some lightning, thunder and rain.  Again today it will get into the lower 90's.  The heat here yesterday was very oppressive as the humidity was high and probably will be again today.  I do have to get out to do a little shopping at Aldi's and will likely attend a meeting this morning before doing the shopping.  I plan on watching the last 2 or 3 hours of the third round of the golf tournament.  Pat is going to fix a roast in the Instant Pot so we will be having a tasty dinner tonight.

Judy, so sorry that Pat is having to deal with pink eye as well as all of her other problems as she goes into rehab.  I wonder if the pink eye was going around in the hospital?  It sounds like you are having quite a struggle with the blood sugar.  I don't recall hearing of anyone having such problems if they were not diabetic.  Is there any treatment for this condition?  I sure don't envy John having to work out in the hay field although I guess the big round bales do not require the manual labor that the smaller ones used to where you had to pick them up by hand and load them on a wagon.  So sorry to hear about Margit.  I will add them into my prayers.     
Thoughts for the Week / Re: Thoughts of the Month~ June
« Last post by JudyB on June 15, 2018, 02:58:52 PM »
Pat is home.  She has a bad case of pink eye, is now on medication for that. 

My blood sugar battle continues, as long as I don't exert myself I am fine, any exertion and the bottom drops out of my glucose.  I sometimes think that diabetics have it easier, they can exercise, walk do whatever and their glucose goes to normal.  I do any of that and I have to have candy with me, and feel like I am always eating...... Well God has a purpose for this as well.

We have beautiful weather here, lots of sun, and more than enough rain.  Another week and John will be working on hay with our neighbor.

Please pray for Chris Saunders and his wife Margit.  She is in a bad way, Stage 4 (I believe) cancer.  She is not wanting to eat or drink.  Please pray.

Have a great weekend folks.
Thoughts for the Week / Re: Thoughts of the Month~ June
« Last post by Larry Hanna on June 15, 2018, 06:31:43 AM »
Hi Everyone.  Another beautiful and sunny morning.  We are expecting to get into the low 90's this afternoon.  Yesterday we had a heat index of 105.  The housekeeper is due here this morning.  After she arrives we will head to Costco for a few items.  Pat is up and dressed and wants to go with me today.  I just hope the riding carts are available. 

Carol, I am sure the smoke in the air is very annoying and probably not very healthy either for those with any type of lung problem.  They had on the news last night a piece about the many fires burning in the West and a number of homes lost and more in danger.  You know my computer keeps making spelling mistakes also--bad computer!  :)

Judy, it must be a relief for Pat to finally be back in her home although I am sure it will be a struggle for her.  She has been done so long that it will probably take quite a bit of therapy to get her very mobile again but hopefully the hip pain will be greatly lessened.  Thanks for letting us know. 

Thoughts for the Week / Re: Thoughts of the Month~ June
« Last post by JudyB on June 14, 2018, 09:25:34 PM »
Well Pat my dear sister is home from hospital at last.  She went home with a bad case of pink eye, however she has medication for that and will be home free soon.  Now for physio to help her get mobile!
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