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Thoughts for the Week / Re: Thoughts for the Month - October 2017
« Last post by Janet on Today at 12:38:42 PM »
Hello Larry!  Hello Carol!  Hello Ruth Ann!
I'm happy today because I got a good night's sleep last night!   :thumbsup:

Beth seemed about the same this morning.  Yesterday, she had a huge bruise on her chest, apparently from her arm squeezing against it so hard (Her arms are stiff and strictured) and a big neurofibroma in the bruised area was torn loose and bleeding.  :'(  She wasn't complaining of pain, as the patch and morphine are keeping her pain controlled.  But I was dismayed to see it, none-the-less.

I'm missing seeing my other kids and grandkids.  Maybe I will see some of the ones who live near, this week. I'm still coming home around 10 and staying a few hours, usually go back to check on Beth in the afternoon.  So I'm gradually getting over the deep tiredness.

Not much else to say today.  Later!
Thoughts for the Week / Re: Thoughts for the Month - October 2017
« Last post by Carol on Today at 11:18:25 AM »
Ruth Ann:  I hope your car will be fixed easily and not too expensive.  We are scheduled in two weeks for a puzzling problem in that the key fob doesn't always start the car and it will finally catch sometimes right away.  We are concerned that it may be unusable anytime. 

Larry: I have never ever liked Halloween.  My children still do not want to be driving on that holiday because I put the fear of God in them saying the children are wild over getting candy and treats so they run right in front of cars, so my adult children still stay home those nights.  When we lived in Minnesota they had to put snow suits over their costumes anyway. 

Have you ever hugged your yard guys?  I do - they are a Christian father and son (he is training to be a fireman) and we talk religion - pray for issues too.  They came early this morning before it gets hot and come 6 X a year, checking water, trimming shrubs, found a spot where some critter is digging, all sorts of good stuff - all for about $100 each time.  They saved us a lot of water bill and put in a new system last year. 

Yesterday afternoon, we had our neighbors in back (first time) over for snacks before dinnertime.  Just delightful and with one couple at a time, Don can understand the conversation.   

Larry:  What is your office project?  I have a box of 3 1/2 inch by 6 1/2 inch fabrics all cut several years ago - all batik.  So, I am sewing something now and will decide later just what it will become.  :)

This is not my favorite time of the year.  My dad died on Halloween (in Seattle) and mom died the same year weeks later on Thanksgiving (in an Alzheimer's unit in Minnesota).  I quit a job as it was just overwhelming - we had just moved to a new town & new job for Don - and I had no friends in town.  It was a low time but only volunteering in church got me through that year. 

Thoughts for the Week / Re: Thoughts for the Month - October 2017
« Last post by Larry Hanna on Today at 06:25:34 AM »
Hi Everyone.  It looks like we are finely going to get some rain today, at least the forecast says it is a 100% chance this afternoon and 90% chance for several other hours.  It will only get to around 75 this afternoon.  My calendar is clear today so will just take it easy and work on a project I want to start here in my office.

Carol, on Friday and Saturday this week our downtown area is all blocked off for a Halloween Festival that is held each year.  Last year Pat had an appointment at the eye doctor she was seeing whose office was right in the middle of this and we had a terrible time trying to find a way to get to the appointment.  There are no appointments scheduled for this year for this weekend.  Fortunately it is over before Church on Sunday. 

Ruth Ann, I hope you will find your car's situation isn't serious.  Glad your appointment was for routine tests. 
Thoughts for the Week / Re: Thoughts for the Month - October 2017
« Last post by Ruth Ann Bice on Today at 02:00:26 AM »
Hi, friends,

I'm slipping in here to our comfy place in the very middle of the night where I live.

I'll be staying put for a couple of days. My car overheated this weekend, and my son gave me strict instructions not to even start it until it's towed in for evaluation. I surely  hope it hasn't been ruined.

I was to have had some routine tests run this morning, but will call and explain the situation. So, will reschedule.

Y'all have a good rest of the day. Please know I pray regularly for those of us needing a touch from the Father.

Love to all,
Ruth Ann
Landscape & Travel / Re: Hole in the Sky
« Last post by Jacqueline on October 22, 2017, 11:53:36 PM »
...I find our sky's so fascinating, so full of mystery and wonder...   
Landscape & Travel / Hole in the Sky
« Last post by Hermit on October 22, 2017, 09:31:09 PM »
I was at a small grassed airfield waiting for a friend to return from a glider flight.
I noticed a strange formation within the clouds and took this shot.

Then after several minutes I looked up again and noticed further developments, so I took another shot.
By then my friend returned and I changed my focus on taking photographs of the glider landing.

Thoughts for the Week / Re: Thoughts for the Month - October 2017
« Last post by Carol on October 22, 2017, 12:48:12 PM »
Good Sunday to all!  We are going to the service on Wednesday night - it is smaller and less music - that should be better for Don to tolerate with his hearing problem.  We will try it. 

There is a huge blockage of streets here with a roller blade series going on - there is always something with walks, runs or bicycles in this area and a maze to traverse - always Sunday morning too. 

Who is in random image today?  I mean the self-portrait of photographer?

Thoughts for the Week / Re: Thoughts for the Month - October 2017
« Last post by Larry Hanna on October 22, 2017, 06:24:48 AM »
Hi Everyone.  It is another mirror morning to what we have been having.  We should get into the low 80's this afternoon.  I plan on going to Sunday School and Church this morning but am doubtful that Pat will go as the chairs and pew are painful for her with her back.  I will pick up some lunch for us and have no other plans for today.  Yesterday for dinner Pat made a Greek Salad to go with our pot roast TV dinner, which was actually pretty good for a TV dinner. 

Jeanne, I agree that some of the links are too long and for those I will just go to the controls at the top of the page and put the URL into the brackets so the URL isn't seen, as you have described.  I hope you have gotten the correct grocery order now.

Janet, what does your doctor tell you regarding taking the OTC pain medications.  It is not good to be in pain and not get enough rest. I hope you were able to contact Dee and have someone you could talk with.  I have a feeling you talk to the Lord a lot. 

Jackie, being able to communicate with each other regardless of the distance is certainly a great thing about the Internet. 

Carol, I expect I may have my Christmas present before Christmas although I am doing fine using Pat's old computer so it will likely be closer to Christmas when I buy a new laptop.  However, I will keep my eyes open for any deals that may come along before that time.  We used Skype for a number of years to provide a telephone for Stacey.  She then got the free phone service that is provided to the low income folks and then we put her on the plan we use with our son.  I could do very well with a meal of ice cream and chocolate chips and often my Sunday evening meal will be something light and most enjoyable.  Congratulations to your grandson on making the hockey team and more importantly for being a good student.  . 
Bits & Pieces / Re: Collage artwork
« Last post by Jeanne Lee on October 21, 2017, 08:29:44 PM »
Very interesting!   :thumbsup:
Bits & Pieces / Collage artwork
« Last post by Hermit on October 21, 2017, 07:38:44 PM »
These are photographs of a collage artwork.
The collage is mostly made from pharmaceutical packaging, except for eyelashes and pupil.

Top photo shows the pupil as reflective.
The second shot shows a slight curvature look when viewing from the side.
Bottom photo is overall photo of artwork.

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