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Started by Etta Sue, July 31, 2004, 05:32:18 PM

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Etta Sue

July 31, 2004, 05:32:18 PM Last Edit: August 01, 2004, 07:21:04 PM by Etta Sue
                                        ALPHABET HINTS

    A is for aluminum foil.  A piece of it with a knob of washing soda in a jar of water makes a silver dip cleaner.
    B is for ball point ink which you can remove from vinyl by rubbing it with a    slice of raw potato.
    C is for camphorated oil.  Applied with a soft cloth it will take white marks off furniture.
    D is for drip dry.  Shirts dry faster and smoother over a plastic bag put over the hanger.
    E is for egg slicer.  Use it for slicing mushrooms and beets as well as eggs.
    F is for foam rubber.  Rub it over upholstery to pick up dog and cat hairs.
    G is for glycerine.  Oil the mincer with it.  It won't flavor the food.
    H is for herbs.  Keep them on the shelf in alphabetical order, so they're easy to find.
    I is for icing.  Add a pinch of baking soda to icing to keep moist and prevent cracking.
    J is for jam.  It takes less time to make if the sugar is warmed through in the oven.
    K is for kneeling pad.  Make it from an old hot water bottle stuffed with old nylons.
    L is for lemon.  A half dipped in salt cleans copper.
    M is for magnet.  Keep one in the sewing box to pick up pins and needles.
    N is for newspapers.  They make excellent window polishers.
    O is for onion.  Pierce it lengthwise with a skewer and it won't come to pieces when boiled.
    P is for parsley.  Seed watered with boiling water grows quicker.
    Q is for quilt.  Keep it from slipping by sewing matching material to one end and tucking it under the mattress.
    R is for rubber gloves.  When the right ones wear out, hang on to the left ones.  Turn one inside out and you have a        pair again.
    S is for soap.  Rubbed on the bottom edges of a drawer it'll make it run smoothly.
    T is for tea leaves.  Put them around lily of the valley for more flowers.
    U is for undies.  Put the fragile ones in a pillocase, tied around the top, and wash them with the rest of the washing in      your machine.
    V is for vinegar.  Wiped over furniture before polishing gives an extra shine.
    W is for window box.  Put a layer of gravel over the earth, so the dirt doesn't spatter the windows.
    X is for Xmas cake.  The icing won't be ruined if the cake is put on the lid of the cake tin and the base over it.
    Y is for yeast.  It shouldn't be kept in the fridge or in a cold place, or it will die.
    Z is for zipper.  It it sticks, try running the lead of a pencil up and down the metal parts.  It should then run smoothly.[/list]

    Judy McKenna

    Eta Sue - These alphabet hints are so interesting.  Wish I had known the "W" hint before this.  I have a window box under my bedroom window....and the window is always splattered with dirt!...LOL
    "I am too blessed to be stressed".

    Ruth Ann Bice

    Several of these are good ones for me to use. Thanks, Etta Sue!
    ...his compassions fail not.  They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness.