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Need help buying camera

Started by RogueSnapper, January 17, 2008, 11:32:46 AM

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I'm buying one next week. I have been doing work as a freelance writer, and am contracting with a company that wants high quality photo's with the articles.
They need to be high enough quality that he can enlarge and print them for distribution.

So I'm looking for a good digital camera. Would like 12mp's.

I got all excited as I looked at a Canon Powershot G9, because it had a link to a great camera...a Nikon Dx2. Figuring it would be around the same price, I stuck it on my list. HA! Dream on, right? That was my laugh of the morning!

Anyhow, what do people here think of the Canon G9?

Do you have other suggestions?

I am prejudiced against the Olympus brand. I don't know why. I think the name itself just annoys me. (I'm weird like that) Is there any reason to change my mind on that brand? It has the word "limp" and "pus" in it. EW

A lot of the photos being taken will be taken in places like art galleries, theaters, and community events. Many will be of people or artwork, displays of artwork so clarity is very important. For example, if I take a picture of a jewelry display, I need to be able to enlarge the photo online without loss of detail, or if there's a painting, the changes in the color shading should come through with good clarity.

I'd appreciate any input on this.

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I have no real dislikes or likes for any specific brand.  It just happens to be Nikon that I'm using at the time since the first digital camera that we got in 2000 was a Nikon Coolpix 950 and then I upgraded to the Coolpix 8700 and now I have the DSLR Nikon D80.  But Canon has fantastic camera as do many other brands.

I would still like to have maybe a little Canon that I could carry easily in my purse or handbag when I didn't feel like carryng my huge camera bag. 

I'd go with price and the number of pixels it has. 

Keep us posted whatever you decide.  I'm looking forward to knowing what you decide. 

If you go to Photography Cafe and register and post in there, you'll get many more replies than here on our little site.  Over there are hundreds of users and all are fantastic "advisors".

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Thanks! I'll register on that board later and put in my question.

Decisions, decisions.

The world is very fair to see
The artist will not let it be
He fiddles with the works of God
And makes them look uncommon odd!


I'd go with Canon.  See all those white lenses used for wildlife photography, in the press, and at professional sports venues?  It's all Canon gear.  Not to say other brands are not good.  Many are such as Nikon. However, most of that gear is playing catchup with Canon. Canon has established itself in the professional digital market by producing it's own sensors and manufacturing the camera around that sensor.  And if you want a full size 35mm sensor, there isn't much else out there BUT Canon.  I don't know anyone who has gone the Canon route that's been disappointed with the choice in the long run.  Great cameras and great lenses.  Go DSLR if you can, and put future money into lenses.  Other than talent, I believe lenses are the key to great photos.

Just my .02ยข   :)
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Well, the Canon G9 is the top of the line point-and-shoot that Canon offers.  It really depends on what your budget is, as to whether you can move up to a camera that is actually a DSLR, which is what I would suggest, for the work you've described. 

The Canon G9, or similarly priced Nikon, should give you prints that you can enlarge, but there will always be some loss of quality, even with a top-quality DSLR, and superb lenses.

And about brand, I have owned Yashica, Canon, and Nikon film cameras.  I bought a Canon point-and-shoot digital some years ago, and was bitten by the digital bug.  A couple of years ago I got a Canon DSLR, rather than Nikon, for the simple reason that it fit my hand better than the Nikon.  They are both great companies, and I'm sure you'll be happy with either digital choice.  I'm not sure about other brands, but I'm sure you can find some merit in any of the major makers.

Now for my current leanings, I'd have to go with Canon, for the same reason Andy has mentioned...lens quality.  If there is an advantage to be found between the big guys, I believe Canon has it in lenses--and I'm a guy who shot for years with a Nikon F-801, while my Canon sat on a shelf and collected dust.

Have fun with your selection "journey".

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In His Grip,


Thank you! I really am leaning towards the G9. It seems hard to find available, which is odd.

I did look at the SLR's after your post, and checked out this one: http://www.usa.canon.com/consumer/controller?act=ModelInfoAct&fcategoryid=139&modelid=15710

I actually got a lump in my throat looking at it. Some things are just so beautiful....LOL

The world is very fair to see
The artist will not let it be
He fiddles with the works of God
And makes them look uncommon odd!


Ok, got my camera! I was gonna go for the G9, but I got in the shop and played with it for about 60 seconds and just didn't like how it felt in my hand. I went for the S650, but they didn't have any. Nothing else was what I wanted, so I went home, telling them I'd probably be back in the morning for the G9.

Went back in the morning for it, and it was GONE! They'd only had one, and he saw my reaction to it and didn't think I'd be back. LOL

So I called around and ended up talking to someone in Medford for a LONG time! Ended up being the owner of the camera shop, and after we went through everything I drove up there to have a look.

Instead of the A650, I ended up with a Canon powershot s5 IS. It has 8 mp instead of 12.1 like the others, but she showed me differences in pictures taken, and I decided it wasn't going to make a real difference for what I needed. I was much happier having the 12x zoom, as opposed to the 6x on the A650.

I really like the way it works in my hands, like the feel of it, and that was half the sell. The G9 was something I think I would have been unhappy with. I really like the moving LCD screen for what I need, because sometimes I have to shoot something way up high at a gallery (like once there was a figure suspended from the ceiling) or over people's heads, and that screen will come in very handy for that!

I haven't opened the box yet, I'll do that after bible study when I have more time.

I ended up getting a better memory card to go with it, along with a memory stick to use in the computer instead of attaching the camera, and a camera bag.  :)
The world is very fair to see
The artist will not let it be
He fiddles with the works of God
And makes them look uncommon odd!