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Rebel XT flash

Started by ChevyGal, February 15, 2008, 05:05:48 PM

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In the last few weeks the flash mount, hot shoe, whatever you want to call it has started to wiggle and move. It doesn't affect the flash when taking a normal shot. However when I hold the camera vertical the connections don't hit anymore (the weight of the flash pulls it down and makes the connects just barely miss) and the flash misfires. Anyone had this issue before? It doesn't appear to be broken. It's just loose and I can't seem to figure out how? Is there a screw missing I never noticed before? I'd love to be able to fix this myself. Dropping money at a camera shop right now isn't exactly in my budget. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.


Oh, goodness!  I do hope that you are able to fix this.  Please keep us posted.  I imagine the missing screw has something to do with it?  I expect it's about the size that we'd find in a pair of glasses?

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If your camera is still under warranty, I'd get it in pronto and let an authorized repair shop fix it.

I don't think there are any screws, but I could be wrong.
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I've had the camera 3+ years, the warranty is long since heard of. Thing is, it's not broke, just loose. I was wondering if there was something missing? I can't find this camera at stores and I can't find any decent shots of this portion to see if there is a small screw missing. There is a hole where their appears maybe there was, but I have no idea if that is right or not.


I wonder if this site would help you.  I use it for my Nikon D80 camera and so I did a search and found this:  http://kenrockwell.com/canon/rebel-xt.htm

There might be some closeup diagrams

"Click for Waterloo Wellington, Ontario Forecast" height=41 width=127


Here's what I would do if I were on a tight budget and wanted it fixed.  First I'd find a reputable camera repair store (I know, easier said than done). I'd take it in and ask for a quote for the cost of fixing it, pointing out what is likely wrong.  You might be surprised to learn it will only cost you a few dollars. Make sure the quote to fix it is free or very low cost.  No sense in finding out it can't be fixed cheaply and spend a lot of money to find that out.

Know what you are willing to spend to have it fixed and stick to that figure.  Simply refuse to have it fixed if it doesn't fall within the budget.  Don't be sold into an expensive repair. Ask them what exactly is wrong with it and what it will take to fix it - time and parts to do the job.  If at all possible, have them point out and describe the problem - actually have them show you what's wrong with it.

Don't be shy.  It's YOUR money you're spending and YOUR camera.
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