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John 3:16

Started by Sonifo, May 04, 2003, 05:41:56 pm

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 For God so loved the world that He gave his one and only Son, That whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

It says here that God's Son died for our sins.   It does not say God came down and died for our sins.   I believe in the Trinity, but why is it that I hear some say that God is Jesus?  This really confuses me.


Sonja. let me explain it to you this way.:

Picture a big tree in front of you. You don't see the roots under the ground but it is still part of the tree. Lets call the roots God. then there is the trunk of the tree, Lets call the trunk Jesus then there are the leaves (fruit), We'll call the leaves (fruit) the Holy Spirit.

Is Jesus separate from the Father (is the trunk separate from the roots)? NO! Is the fruit seperated from the trunk or the roots. NO! It is all one a triune being. Jesus is a part of God and so is the Holy Spirit. They are all ONE.

Just as body, soul, and spirit are one. You and I are triune beings that were created in the image of god. we are Body, Soul and spirit. therefore  a triune being.

I hope I did all right in this explaination.
"Good people take care of their animals, but even the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel" Prov. 12:10
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Why is it that some say that God died for us when it was Jesus that died for us?  
Why doesn't God say he came down to earth and died for us?  


I can't tell you WHY it doesn't say one thing or something else, The Bible was writen by the inspiration of the Holy spirit and it is written the way GOD wanted it to be written. God did come in the form of a man and that man was Jesus Christ. Sonja. Please read John 1 1-16. In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God. Who is the Word. Jesus is the word.
"Good people take care of their animals, but even the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel" Prov. 12:10
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Hi Sonja...

I went to a book that I have called "Leading Little Ones to God" that we used with all of our children and maybe this might help you.  It helped me.  It's a terrific book By Marian M. Schoolland and published by  Wm. B. Eerdmans.

God Sent His Son

In our last lesson we learned how God told men to write a book, the Bible. God gave us the Bible so that we can learn about Him and know Him. God talks to us through the Bible. It is a wonderful book!

But God wanted us to know Him even better. He wanted us to know Him not only as the God who made us, but as the heavenly Father who loves us. He sent Jesus, His Son, down to earth. Jesus told us all about God, and showed us what He is like.

Jesus came to God's special people, the Israelites. They are often called Jews. He walked all through their country. He told the people about God and God's great Kingdom. He told them that God loves us. Wherever Jesus went He did good. He healed the sick. He made the blind see. He gave food to the hungry. He was a friend to those who were sorry for their sin.

One day, when Jesus was talking to His disciples about His Father in heaven, Philip said to Him, "Lord, show us the Father."

Jesus said, "I have been with you a long time, Philip; you know Me, don't you? Well, if you have seen Me, you have seen the Father!"

What did Jesus mean?

Why, He meant to tell Philip, and to tell you and me, that God, our Father in heaven, is just like Jesus, His Son!

Now, we know that Jesus was very good and kind. He did great and wonderful things, too - healing the sick, making the blind see, and sometimes even raising up the dead to live again! When Jesus did such things, He showed us how good and kind and how great and wonderful God the Father is.

These stories about Jesus are written in the Bible - in the New Testament part of the Bible. So reading the Bible is still the best way of learning to know about God. We learn about Him by seeing what He made - the earth and the heavens and everything that is on earth or up in the sky. But we learn to know God best of all by reading His book, the Bible. That tells us what He said to men long ago. And it tells us about all the wonderful things Jesus did, especially how He died for us.

When we think how much Jesus loved us, we must remember that God the Father, up in heaven, loves us just as much. We can be sure about that, because Jesus said:

I and my Father are one (John 10:30).

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Thanks Pat,  That does help.  Maybe I should go and buy me that book. ;D

Al Moak

That's a helpful explanation, Pat, for children.  And guess what - we're all children!  In my own studies and thinking about the Trinity I finally came to the conclusion that God is indeed eternally manifest in three persons, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.  Each Person is absolutely God.  Yet the Son is not the Father, the Spirit is neither the Father nor the Son, etc.  They are distinct Persons, yet one God.  How?  Who said we have to know how?  I don't.  I don't think anyone else does either, yet I know it is so because the Bible teaches it.  We may know more perfectly when our Lord returns, though I cannot say for sure.  We'll be satisfied with what we know then, though.  That much we can be sure of!


You know what, Sonja?  I highly recommend it.

It was a Baptist pastor who recommended it to us when our eldest was about 8 years of age and I'm telling you that I learned so much from this book as we strived to teach our little ones!  

As our kids grew up and got married, each one got a copy of this book when they were expecting their first child and I know that two of them used it faithfully and still are.

I'll see if I can find a link for it on the net.

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Al Moak

We mustn't ever confuse the three Persons of the Trinity.  Each is God.  All three are one God, yet they are also three, and each Person is distinct.  God did not come down and die, for God cannot die.  Yet Jesus, Who, besides being truly God is also truly Man, could die in His Manhood.  Read Phil. 2:5-11.


Thank you Al. That is very helpful.  I have felt that way, but when someone says God died for us then it makes me so confused.  ???

I think to much! :-\


That's a great scripture to read, Al.

Here it is on the net in NKJV...

Phil. 2:5-11

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Sonja, were you ever able to find this book, "Leading Little Ones To God" ?

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I have Abby here today and wish I had that book to share with her!
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