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Whipped Cream Cheese -N- Egg's

Started by Kreative4Jesus, December 14, 2004, 09:31:52 AM

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December 14, 2004, 09:31:52 AM Last Edit: December 14, 2004, 11:49:42 AM by Etta Sue
Whipped Cream Cheese -N- Egg's

I often threw cream cheese in everything & that is how I came about this receipe.  It fluff's up real nice & makes the eggs look real pleasant to the eye's & it's a neat idea.

Prepare your eggs for scrambling them, in a bowl.  Add as much cream cheese as you want, without over doing it.  And blend the cream cheese together with the eggs, in the blender or food processer, & when ya have the right consistency, throw the batter into the pan to be cooked up, as scrambled eggs, or as in an omlete.

It should be light yellow in color.  Depending on how carried away ya like to get as I have, it should almost look white & yet still have some yellow in the mixture.

Sorry, I do not have the exact measurements.  Seeing as I'm a kreative cook, I do not alway's measure what I've put together by my own kreative mean's.  So, experiment & have fun with it & Bee Kreative.

If through someone's experimenting they want to edit this, UR more then welcome to do this.



P.S.  I'd do it, but dairy is no longer my way of life.

(K4J, I put the title down in the text w/bold so when people want to copy and paste, the title is with the rest of the recipe)

Etta Sue

I do have some cream cheese.  I bought more than was need for a recipe.  I think I will try this today for a hot lunch.  Be back later to let you all know how it is.  Sounds good with a dash of hot sauce!!!!


December 15, 2004, 07:14:26 AM #2 Last Edit: December 15, 2004, 07:19:33 AM by Kreative4Jesus
Good, I hope ya enjoy it.  Try it with a little bit of spices @ first, so that ya do not over due it & can taste the difference, before adding the hot sause. 

It's amazing how fluffy it makes the eggs & how pretty it makes it & it looks good when served also.

We are getting some ram for our computer here to speed the process, etc.......& I'm getting a scanner for my computer, that I may scan my old pictures & also put them on some websites here, like: Christian Photographers & mine & maybe KristiAnn's.  Besides get serious about making a scrapbook.  And to be able to store my old pic's on a disk beside's.

So, I'm excited!! 

With Love,

P.S.  I received your wonderful e-card & I'll have to respond to it later. 

Etta Sue

I tried these eggs yesterday and they were great.  I didn't use a blender...just a whip and I kind of like the bits of cream cheese in it.  I didn't put any hot sauce in it this time.  But they were really good that way!!!



That is good, I'm glad that you were able to try them without the hotsause & still like it.  I think the cream cheese makes it taste real good & brings out the egg flavor with the cream cheese. 

Good with Hot Sause too, if ya want to try it that way. 
Have you tried it as an omete (Spell?) yet?