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Help us Congratulate the Winner of Mini Challenge #106~My Favorite Things
Congratulations Fotobirder!
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Question About Cabbage Rolls

Started by Jerry L. Sowers, January 26, 2005, 06:50:12 PM

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Jerry L. Sowers

Hi All, I have a question and hope you can answer this one. Where will I find or has anyone put Cabbage Rolls in the Kitchen someplace. I love Cabbage Rolls now and I haven't found them. I know that they use some hamburger and I don't know what all, but if I have to I guess I will experiment.

Jerry L. Sowers

Etta Sue

I can't help you, Jerry.  I have eaten them but I have never made them.  I think Stouffer's might have some in the frozen food section, tho!  :)


January 27, 2005, 12:19:57 AM #2 Last Edit: January 27, 2005, 10:05:17 AM by Etta Sue
Cabbage Rolls

2 lb hamburger mean (lean)
1 large can tomatoes (whole)
5 oz can tomato paste
5 oz can water
1 cup rice
1 onion, chopped
1/2 tsp Worcestershire sauce
Pinch garlic salt
Salt and pepper
1 large cabbage (with nice firm leaves)

Lightly brown meat and onions.  Add pinch garlic salt, pepper, salt (if desired) and Worcestershire sauce.  Cook rice in separate container till slightly tender.  Combine rice with meat and other ingredients.  (While all this is happening, cook cabbage in separate pot till leaves are soft enough to roll).

Roll meat, etc. into cabbage rolls (not too tight). Layer in pans.  Pour tomatoes, tomato paste and water combined over cabbage rolls.  Cover and cookat 350 deg F for 2 hours.

Hint:  It's a good idea to put a few loose cabbage leaves and a little sauce at the bottom of the pan to prevent rolls from burning on.

Etta Sue

There you have it, Jerry.  Ask and you shall receive. 

Sue, is this instant rice or the slow cooked kind?  If slow cooked, can Instant be used?

Jerry L. Sowers

Sue ~ Thank you. I wonder why no-one thought to post this before. As Etta Sue says  "What about the rice"? I will probably fix this at her house, but I saved it in my Recipe section. I always had a steak when I came in off the road and Helen's  (Ahem) was open and I always stopped to get it, but Bunnie the cook said she had cabbage roll's on the menu. I didn't really care for them, but she said that I would like hers. If I didn't like them she would fix my steak anyway I wanted it and it wouldn't cost me a thing, well, that was a challenge and I like a challenge. Anyway, I paid for those cabbage rolls of Bunnies and have been eating them ever since. ;) 8)

Jerry L. Sowers

Etta Sue ~ Why didn't I think to ask for this recipe before? My sister Bea and her daughter Chris was suppose to make me some, but I think they forgot to make them because I never got any. ;D 8) ;)


This recipe calls for the long grain rice. 

I have made cabbage rolls with the instant rice as well.

Jerry L. Sowers

Sue ~ I thank you for answering so quick. I will try this at Etta Sue's house because it will be more than one person can eat. 8) ;)


 My wife makes what she calls "unstuffed cabbage rolls" in a crock pot.
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Jerry L. Sowers

Smokeythedog~ How about you having her write down the ingredients and the recipe for the unstuffed cabbage rolls in a crock pot and you posting them here in the kitchen:P 8)

Etta Sue

Now the unstuffed cabbage rolls do sound good....and in the crock pot, ta boot!!!

Jerry L. Sowers

Hi Etta Sue~ I thought we would like this. I think we are addicted to our crock pots. LOL!!!  ::) ;)


I'd be interested in trying that one too!


This is basicly what my wife uses

one caveat, the meatballs should not be placed on top, otherwise the rice tends to be crunchy.

Yield: 6 servings 
Rating: not rated 

      1    Onion diced (1 cup)
      2 lb Head green cabbage,dice
      8 oz Tomato sauce
     28 oz Can peeled tomatoes & juice
      1 c  Water
    1/2 c  Honey
    1/4 c  Lemon juice
    1/3 c  Raisins
      1 lb Ground beef or veal or lamb
    1/2 c  Raw white rice
      1 ts Worchestershire Sauce
    1/2 ts Salt (optional)
           Ground pepper to taste
  1.  In crockpot combine all the soup ingredients putting cabbage in first.

  2.  Combine meatball ingredients, (rice & meat) stirring them to mix thoroughly.
  With wet hands, roll the meat mixture in 1 1/4" balls.  Add the
  meatballs to the crockpot.  Put crockpot on low for 8 hours
note; goes good with mashed potatos
You might be a dog lover if:
You have more dog toys in your bed than people.

Etta Sue

SmokeytheDog, since this is a new recipe, I have taken the liberty to start a New Topic.

What a great recipe this is.  I am sure many will try this one.  Thanks for posting it.

Jerry L. Sowers

Smokeydog ~ I like to use my crockpot as much as I can and I know Etta Sue like using her crockpot too! You know we will try this recipe.  ;)

You can also read this in Etta Sue's new recipe that she opened.