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Started by Oldiesmann, January 27, 2020, 08:51:18 PM

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Got some surprising news today, which is unfortunately not good news...

For those who don't know, I work as a manager at the parking garage for a local retail/entertainment complex. I've worked in various roles at this garage since June of 2007, with three different companies (different companies managing the garage). Today I was told that the property management and the company who owns the complex aren't comfortable with me being a manager on weekends due to various issues (though they didn't say what, and this is my first time being told that there are problems). I've essentially been given 3 weeks to find another job (they're going to let me resign).

Unfortunately the company I currently work for doesn't have any other operations in this area (they were specifically brought in by the company that owns this complex to run things, as that company has prior experience with this one), so they don't have any other positions for me.

I am looking at a possible supervisor position with another large nationally-based parking company that runs a lot of the garages and lots downtown, and may also explore opportunities with the company that used to run this garage.

As I said this came as a complete surprise to me - management has never had any major complaints (last weekend I did get a call saying that the garage was messy and the complex manager found one of the maintenance people hanging out in one of the storage rooms that has doubled as a break room for them in the past, but that's about it).

I particularly need a job with flexibility as I help babysit my nieces 3 mornings a week (my sister works part time and my brother-in-law works full time, and their shifts overlap a few days - I don't work until the afternoon so I can help watch the kids when they're both at work). I also need one that will pay close to what I'm making now and provide benefits on the first day (I get insurance through my current job so I don't know how that will work exactly).
The Oldiesmann
Forum Guru
I've sinned greatly, but Christ's for real, baby, it's a wonder He saved me and just didn't hate me, so won't you tell Him 'Save me!' and please stand up?... - J. Jackson (http://www.apologetix.com for more info).


Oldiesmann - Michael...
...God will point you in the right direction, in your quest to find another suitable job...
" there is no such thing as an ending, only a place where you leave the story "
~ Muriel Donnelly


Oldiesmann - Michael:  Prayer for your finding a good job. 


Update on this situation for those wondering...

I took a full-time job at DHL eCommerce about a month and a half ago. Good pay, full benefits (though not nearly as much vacation time, but not a huge deal), etc.

A couple weeks ago we were told that one company we processed shipments for had chosen to go with a different company for that (because apparently the other company said they could do it for less than what they were paying us to do it), and because of the large drop in volume, they were eliminating the 2nd shift (the one I worked).

We were given four options:
- Find another job within the company (either locally or at one of the company's other facilities across the country)
- Part time third shift (Monday-Friday, 4-9pm)
- Full time third shift (6:30pm-3am, days vary)
- Leave the company and take a severance package

I chose to go part time because I need a job and wouldn't be able to work til 3am (though they've got them working until 5:30am at the moment, which makes me even more glad I didn't pick that shift). I'm not sure what the difference in pay will be (still making the same amount hourly, just not working as many hours), but it's a job for now and I still get insurance (though I might have to sign up for it again as part-time employees have to work there for 60 days before they qualify for it...).

I am still going to be looking for another job though. The money I earn working part time should be enough to cover my expenses for now (I still live with my parents, so no rent/utilities to deal with), but I wouldn't have even taken this job if full time hadn't been an option.

The good news is there are plenty of jobs around, especially warehouse stuff, but I'd prefer 2nd shift (I help watch my nieces some when my sister and brother-in-law both have to work on the same day, though his work schedule prevents that from being an issue at the moment due to Coronavirus) and full time with benefits (since company-subsidized insurance is generally better and cheaper than paying on your own).

I'm also grateful that I at least have a job. Were I still working at the parking garage I'd have very little if anything to do - only a few places are open down there at the moment due to the pandemic, so I'm sure there aren't a lot of people visiting the complex (I've only been down there once since I left, when I went to the aquarium with my sister and nieces in early March).

There are plenty of other jobs in the area, it's just a matter of finding one that works out for me in terms of pay, hours and flexibility. I'm also a bit frustrated at having to look for another job again less than two months after I started this one.
The Oldiesmann
Forum Guru
I've sinned greatly, but Christ's for real, baby, it's a wonder He saved me and just didn't hate me, so won't you tell Him 'Save me!' and please stand up?... - J. Jackson (http://www.apologetix.com for more info).


Oldiesmann: Congratulations on finding your new job!  Times are tough - your news is super great!  One son here was out of work for almost a year and found a perfect job - taking care of many business.  It is a tough job almost 7 days a week to check on buildings and especially with the riots in Denver - getting glass replaced and other much more damage from riots.  We are praying for the stress level to go down - and I send you a prayer that all is just great for you from now on.

Taking a break from cleaning blinds - not my favorite job.

Tomorrow is Father's Day - Happy Father's Day to all who have that wonderful title.   


So glad you have that job and will be praying that what you are ultimately looking for will show up sooner than later!


Update again, about 2½ months into the new schedule.

Business is booming because of the pandemic (more people ordering stuff online means the companies that pay us to handle their shipments are seeing more business...). We've been getting an extra $2.25 an hour since early May, and they recently brought back 2nd shift (though I chose to stay working part time 3rd shift because I don't like the 11-7:30 schedule for 2nd shift - it leaves little time to do anything before or after work - I'd have to leave home by 10:15 or 10:30 and wouldn't get home until around 8...). Unfortunately I did lose my insurance coverage when I went to part time (and I never did figure out how to sign up for insurance as part time), but I still have coverage through the state from when I was unemployed briefly. I'm hoping by the time open enrollment comes around again in a few months I'll either be back working full time or they'll allow us to sign up under part time like the benefits site says.

I am a bit frustrated with how things are going though - I've gotten stuck with sanitizing stuff in a couple of departments (as a precaution due to the pandemic - sanitizing stuff frequently cuts down on the likelihood of an outbreak) and never get to do what I was hired to do anymore, though I'm not the only one this has happened to either so at least it's not just me.

I am also considering seeing if I can move over to the inbound department as they currently have an opening for a 2-10:30 shift (though it could be 2-12:30 at the rate things are going as many people are working 10-hour shifts to keep up with the extra mail volume). The only problem I have with this is that I would likely still get stuck sanitizing, but it would be full time and extra money (though I'm not sure if I'd be able to get insurance again right away or if I'd have to wait until open enrollment).

I have still been looking for other positions to some extent (including Amazon, which has several warehouses in the area), but haven't found anything that I think is a good fit (and also nothing that pays as much as what I'm making now with the bonus pay, except for things that involve a lot of manual labor which I'm not sure would be a good fit for me)
The Oldiesmann
Forum Guru
I've sinned greatly, but Christ's for real, baby, it's a wonder He saved me and just didn't hate me, so won't you tell Him 'Save me!' and please stand up?... - J. Jackson (http://www.apologetix.com for more info).


August 03, 2020, 11:21:44 AM #7 Last Edit: August 03, 2020, 11:37:29 AM by Jacqueline
...the good thing is, you ARE in employment...when we are through this C - Virsus pandemic, your role will become clearer...and hopefully " sanitising " will be all in our past....For the time being this has given you financial security...Just remember, " our God works in mysterious ways.." and  " everything happens for a reason.." even if that reason is not clear to us...
" there is no such thing as an ending, only a place where you leave the story "
~ Muriel Donnelly