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Title: Physical Problems
Post by: Fotobirder on June 28, 2018, 11:40:20 PM
Please pray for these problems with my Health

As I have grown older, I have developed more medical problems. My wife has to help me or I would just do nothing. I have A Great new Doctor who is taking a look at each problem and giving me appointments with great Doctors in their field. His name is Dr. Paris and He's a Rheumatologist. We're working on the Neuralga right now and I'm on A new medicine. I very seldom get out anymore and have problems just getting on the Computer. Please pray for the Doctor Raju for the neuralgia. I have a visit Friday Afternoon.

Thanks you for all your prayers
Title: Re: Physical Problems
Post by: Carol on August 13, 2018, 09:47:38 AM
Fototbirder:  I did send up a prayer when you first wrote this message and now you are on mind today.  I sure understand your feelings as we become older, we just cannot do the things that were previously easy.  Wishing you comfort and ease in your daily life! 
Title: Re: Physical Problems
Post by: Janet on May 19, 2019, 05:35:17 PM
I'm sorry to read of your physical problems.  As Carol noted, we all tend to have more of these as the years fly past, but I'm praying you will feel stronger and be able to get out and take more of your wonderful photographs.  I know doing that brings you joy.  God bless!
Title: Re: Physical Problems
Post by: Marilyn on June 22, 2019, 05:26:40 PM
I've had this swollen lymph node since around the first of the month, My Dr. gave me antibiotics hoping it was just an infection. I went to see her the day after I got back from Kauai and it was still there. She ordered an ultrasound but I haven't heard from the hospital yet and that was two weeks ago. Now that lymph node feels like it is getting bigger. It hurts and it hurt before too. I just want to get the ultrasound over with so I can find out what is going on. If it is Lymphoma or not do the ultrasound and biopsy and get this show on the road. It is what it is, nothing I can do about that.
Title: Re: Physical Problems
Post by: Janet on June 23, 2019, 03:02:53 PM
Marilyn, I'm praying for you re that lymph node, and other problems.  Yes, not knowing is the pits!  Hope you get answers soon, and that they are comforting answers!  Hugs, and God bless!