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Carol: Knock knock....Carol   Help me get in here, please. Mar 17 2020 6:33pm

Oldiesmann: Final update on this, for those not on Seniors and Friends... I got the car. Similar payments to what I had with the Malibu, but for only 4 years instead of 6. Dec 11 2019 1:45am

Oldiesmann: Yet another update on the car situation... Going to look at a 2012 Hyundai Sonata tomorrow (Tuesday). Hoping to get it, assuming everything looks good and I can get affordable payments Dec 03 2019 12:04am

Oldiesmann: Accident was my fault. Went through what I thought was a yellow light and it turned red before I got through the intersection. Got hit by cross traffic on the front right side Oct 26 2019 10:34am

Marilyn: So is your insurance going to foot the cost of an new car for you. was the accident the other guy's falt or yours? Oct 22 2019 11:42am

Oldiesmann: Update on the car situation... Initial estimate was that the car was repairable. However, after further inspection at a body shop, the insurance company determined that the cost of repairs is about $1200 more than the car is worth Oct 16 2019 10:28pm

Oldiesmann: For those who didn't see the message on seniorsandfriends, I was involved in an accident this morning. I'm fine and my car should be repairable, but I've had the car less than 48 hours and am not looking forward to the costs Sep 30 2019 12:33pm

Carol: Praise:  I have no cancer after undergoing a skin throat surgery  today!  Everyone was surprised - - prayers answered.   So very blessed. Aug 13 2019 5:25pm

Carol: Today is another drive to the VA.  We have found a little part that is not on the fast and furious freeway.  Whoever thinks that growth in a city is a good thing is wrong.  Two grands came for an overnight and their visits mean so much to us.  /b] Aug 07 2019 10:46am

Carol: I hope everyone is feeling well and happy.  Aug 07 2019 10:42am

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Thoughts for the Week / Re: Thoughts for the Month ~ M...
Last post by JudyB - Today at 09:50:35 am

My God will supply all your need according to His riches in glory!

...when one is all alone, have a debilitating illness, my MS, one cant be anything else but frightened and fearful and lonely as i am at this present time but, one thing i learnt from my late father was.." in this world, it is survival of the fittest," and survive is what i am trying best to do, the best and only way i know how, by myself and grateful for any outside help that comes my way, i will grab it with open arms...May God be with each and every one of us as we go through this now, very uncertain -  very unpredictable world event of ours..Link...

Thoughts for the Week / Re: Thoughts for the Month ~ M...
Last post by Janet - March 27, 2020, 04:31:44 pm
Jacqueline, listening to the birds sing is great! Let them remind you that just as God watches over every sparrow, He watches over you.  The worst thing we can do in times like this is to get into fear.  Fear works, just as faith does.  But fear draws to us the very thing we feared.  (Not trying to preach to you, just encourage you!)

There has never been a time like this before.  In the Great Depression, people suffered lack and want; loss of jobs and livlihood, even homes.  Sometimes they were hungry, but I have never heard or read of anyone starving to death.  Neighbors helped neighbors,  friends, and strangers, too.   And when it was over, everyone dusted themselves off and got back to work. There was no multi-trillion dollar handout to everyone!  Yes, I do believe in helping people, but I don't think anyone should collect more on unemployment than they made while working!  Why would they want to go back to work?  (Unless, like right-thinking people, they like to and want to work!)

Okay, enough already!  Sorry.  Guess you can tell I am more than upset about this.  But GOD is still in control.

I will be happy when lockdown is over!  I miss my friends, my family and my church!!

Love and prayers for each of you!
Thoughts for the Week / Re: Thoughts for the Month ~ M...
Last post by Carol - March 27, 2020, 01:48:16 pm
Judy:  Thank you for "Eye of the storm" music.  Perfect to this time and peppy too. 

A new to me book, by Max Lucado, is on loan from a friend. 

We lived in the country in Minnesota raising the children for some years and that is where going to the grocery 7 miles away was not always a good idea.  So, I usually have some things handy and I used to can food too - not now though.

Take that back - I read the Max Lucado  some time ago - that is OK for me because I probably forgot most of it.   

Thoughts for the Week / Re: Thoughts for the Month ~ M...
Last post by JudyB - March 27, 2020, 11:03:09 am

If ever we are in a storm it is now!

Thoughts for the Week / Re: Thoughts for the Month ~ M...
Last post by Jacqueline - March 27, 2020, 03:44:19 am
If there is anything giving me joy, it is listening to our birds singing outside my home as if there is not a care in the world...
Thoughts for the Week / Re: Thoughts for the Month ~ M...
Last post by Jacqueline - March 27, 2020, 02:08:40 am
Our UK is now in a three week total lockdown, this came from Boris Johnson..i am all by myself ( since i lost my Richard ) and coping with my Multiple Sclerosis and so terrified of being all alone with no family to check on me...I do have a good supply of foodstuff...This is a time i am needing our God - Jesus more than ever...If anyone will comfort me - help me through all this C-Virus pandemic it will be God - Jesus, no one else..

Has anyone heard from our Jane Walker, she has not posted for some time...
Thoughts for the Week / Re: Thoughts for the Month ~ M...
Last post by Carol - March 26, 2020, 11:28:38 am
There is a new (to me) song I just watched and listened to on the internet.  Perfect timing.  Dolly Parton sings "Hello God". 

We are getting many phone calls for sales, mortgages, and so forth.  They promise to take us off the list but that never happens.

Don is not sleeping well at all - he has to nap more.  He needs to adjust to our higher altitude. 

We are staying away - at least standing far away from anyone talking to me.  No welcome home hugs. 

I spotted 3 Bobcats next to our house walking to the ravine in back.  The experts say animals are seen more and more in the suburbs since traffic has lessened.  Wondering if that bear will return - I hope not. 

One cousin's daughter is going to have a c-section soon.  We are all concerned as this will be her first child and she is not young anymore.  Talk about a miracle - they have waited years for this child.


Thoughts for the Week / Re: Thoughts for the Month ~ M...
Last post by Carol - March 25, 2020, 02:18:48 pm
We are forcing ourselves into lock-down.  I was able to talk to two friends on the street yesterday.  No more meeting in homes.  Praying for all the people without jobs and street people without a roof over their heads.  It took three days but a grocery store will package everything and we can pick up tomorrow afternoon. 
Don is so vulnerable - and I can't catch the bug either or would have to isolate somewhere. 

I found a boxed game & we will try to learn Sequence - for whatever it is worth.  Don plays cribbage with neighbors and grands.  I could try to learn it again. 

Stay safe! 

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