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Help us Congratulate the Winner of Mini Challenge #106~My Favorite Things
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Started by Kreative4Jesus, November 13, 2004, 11:11:10 AM

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November 13, 2004, 11:11:10 AM Last Edit: September 01, 2005, 10:07:24 AM by Al Moak

My Dad died March 28th, in 1972 on my tenth Birthday.  My dad was a Christian that had gone astray from what he knew growing up & the Lord knew that he wasn't going to turn from his way's, so I believe the Lord took him home to Heaven.  He didn't even bother to tell us kid's how we could be saved.  But his mother Gertrude Prayed for us, ever since we were in the womb!!

Then in June of 1972, we moved from Sacramento California to a place called Grizzly Flats, Ca.  It was a beautiful house, more mountains then I've ever seen back then @ 3500 elevation. 

(Which is bigger then the mountain's here in Vermont.)

I thought somehow that life would get better with this change.......But no!!  My mother couldn't handle life without her husband & seeing as she grew up in a Bar, etc.......She took up drinking to handle her problem's.  Besides the fact that the day after my dad's death her friends, offered her a drink of wine & said here this will help.  There was nothing further from the truth!!  When my mother was driving under the influence, I'd hold onto the seat real tight & pray & ask God to protect me!!

Alcohol is not a Disease, it is the worlds excuse to call it such.  My mother's body eventually got so it couldn't live without it. 

I went to stay one summer @ my aunt's house with my cousin's Jodi & Jeff.  I saw how different their lives were & how they handled discipline towards me & I knew that something was different in their lives & I wanted it.

I was told not to speak unless spoken unto, so besides already being shy, I didn't say much.  I knew that I wanted what they had, only I didn't know how to get it.  I believe I was 16 years old @ the time, when I wanted what my aunt & uncle & cousin's had @ the time.

I went to church off & on in my life due to distance & not having the opportunity to go.  When I was in High School I didn't think about it much & lost touch with my Christian family.

About 13 years later when I was 29, I got saved & here is my testimonial in regards to it:

I was going to church, but that isn't what saved me.

I was working @ a Pre-School.  I observed someone who was being hired on at Park Lake Pre-School, she seemed to be an odd duck to me.  I was curious about why she was so different & so Thank God that we were able to have our lunches together.  And soon you will find out why I say, Thank God for He (the Lord) was the one responsible for setting things up this way.......

I had a dream, similar to The Wheat & The Tares.  I didn't know what to expect when I asked my co-worker what she thought it meant, nor did I know that their was a name in the Bible for what kind of dream that I had.  Who I thought was an odd duck, she showed me the similarity between my dream & what the Bible say's about that Dream.  I thought that this is interesting.......
Lunch was practically over within a minute or two, which gave me time to clock in & time to accept a tracht, of which she handed me.

I didn't have time but I wanted to read it.  So, I stuck it in my pocket & read it when I got home later that evening.  I read it & simply did what it said, & I accepted Jesus into my heart as the Lord of my life.  I wasn't told that I ought to write the date down, but I believe it to of been March 23, 1991.  Since then I've been praying for my unsaved family.  I got to visit my grandmother before she died & tell her that I got saved!!

Now, I suppose that I might seem like an odd duck to those who aren't saved & know 100% sure where they are going when they die.  I can tell you how you can know that you can have Eternal life, for Jesus made it easy for you.  However, I will not get into that right now.  Just ask & I will talk to you about it.

Something interesting happened & well.......  I was @ my mom's house visiting her & well.......Just before bed, as she headed upstairs' she told me that there is something different about me that she liked.  It threw me for a loop, because she couldn't explain it & I had no clue as to what she was talking about.  Until one day, sometime after my Baptism I came across a Bible verse while in a Bible Study with my friends, who attended a church that I went to @ the time.  Here is the Bible Verse: 

2Co 5:17 Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new. KJV

Wow, I was amazed @ what the Lord had done in my life.  Already influencing my mother, to desire to be more like me & to get saved.  But that wasn't the end of this testimony.

Later, I got Baptized after accepting Jesus into my heart.  I got baptized in Scott's Flat Lake, just outside of Nevada City.  July 16th, 1991 & later attended a Church that believed in the KJV Bible, about 5-6 years prior to meeting my husband & moving to Vermont from California where I grew up.

I wrote a poem & sent it to my grandma & my mother was there.  I believe that I sent her a tracht.  My mom asked me if I had written the poem, because I didn't sign it as I didn't know how my mother would respond. 
I was well pleased, for my mother with an excited voice had asked me if I had written the poem.  That was her favorite poem, out of all the poem's that I had written. 

My mother had come across Christian's that were bad influences on her, but from what I've heard my grandma Gertrude Brauner would never let someone go without telling them the message of Salvation.  So, my mothers impression of Christian's were not good.  Until, I got saved & then she really liked what she saw & I believe that she accepted Jesus into her life before she died in 1994.  And about 22 years after my dad's death, she died too.  However, I prayed that the Lord would not allow anyone to be in the vehicle @ the time & nor for her to kill anyone outside of her vehicle.  Praise God no one get hurt.  My mother died instantly, the vehicle turned end over end 2-3 times & her neck snapped immediately & she died with a peaceful look on her face.

How do I know this:  Well my grandmother didn't want to believe this, so she wanted evidence of that fact.  My sister went to the police department to get a picture of my mother when she died.  I'm not sure that the police department was suppose to release the picture, but maybe it was because it was a new policeman that didn't know.  Anyway's, maybe it is because the Lord wanted my sister & I to know that she died with peace in her heart.  I believe the Lord took her home, because her addiction to alcohol had become so bad, that there was no turning back!!  So, I believe that she is in Heaven with no pain & everything godly to gain.  No more addiction's to deal with, for she was completely changed.

Praise God!!


Jane Walker

Thank you, K4J, for sharing your story.   I lived in California for 40 years...First, in Marin County, then in Sacramento.  I know of, and have been, to Grizzley Flats and Scott's Flat Lake and Nevada City.  My husband was chef at the National Hotel in Nevada City for many years. 

God bless you
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November 15, 2004, 03:40:54 PM #2 Last Edit: January 05, 2005, 09:06:42 AM by Kreative4Jesus

That is great!!  I like knowing that I have things in common with others here, etc.......

Judy McKenna

K4J - Wonderful testomony.  You said it all so well!

God bless you!

Judy M.
"I am too blessed to be stressed".



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Thanks Pat,

I didn't see what you had done to my photo here, until just now!!  Wow, it looks good!!  Thanks again!!



Excellent testimony!
Praise God!
Blessings, Carrie



Thank You!!  I've not been here as much as I'd like to be & I've somehow overlooked you I believe with all that is going on in my life rught now.  Just seeking God's will in all that we do & keeping busy with my own website, etc.......I've changed the background so that others can see better.  And I look forward to some more upcoming changes there.  Well.......I'll reframe from writing ya a book here, as I have a tendancy to do somethimes.


Hey Sis ... wonder reading about your story again as it's always nice to read your story. I praise the Lord each day for bringing you into my life as a special friend / sister !!  So, take care & I will catch up with you again soon & the changes on the website are wonderful !!



January 05, 2005, 10:09:23 AM #10 Last Edit: January 10, 2005, 08:59:35 AM by Kreative4Jesus

Thank You.  I realize it is for the best, although I must still say that I like my violets that I had taken a picure of.

Wow, TBEAR is this an updated picture of you?  Look's nice, similiar to the way that my mother used to cut her hair..


P.S.  Glad ya took some time to stop in.  C. Ya Around!!


Thank-you for sharing

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