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Help us Congratulate the Winner of Mini Challenge #106~My Favorite Things
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Margery's Testimony Of Being a Jehovah's Witness, And Coming To Christ.

Started by Summicron, August 29, 2008, 08:29:29 PM

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Phew! What a long winded title, but you've seen my pictures of my dear friend, well this is her story, of how she came to know the Lord, I wrote it down just tonight especially for a website dealing with ex JW's, its quite long, its heartwarming, do read it and enjoy it, and I hope it blesses each one of you.

I was just a housewife, who had no church background and had no particular religious beliefs, I didn't know that there was someone who had made this world and the universe we live in i.e. a Creator. My story begins one Wednesday morning whilst preparing the families midday meal that was in 1957. That morning a knock came on the door and when I answered it was two young ladies who stood there, they told me that there was a Creator who had brought us into being, and about Adam and the fall of man through his sin of disobedience, and that death passed upon all mankind.
   They then gave me a book called, The good news of the kingdom, which they asked me to read, and made an appointment to come visit me again, I told them to come again about this time the following Wednesday, and after reading their book which seemed like the promise of paradise on earth, I eagerly looked forward to their next visit, and I even went next door to tell them about the Witnesses visit, but they only scoffed at what I told them.
   The two young ladies came the following week as promised and added more information about the Creator's works. They told me why we died, and that death came through this one man, Adam, and that we all went back to the dust of the ground because of him. After this the Witnesses came regularly to my door, not just these two young women, but other Jehovah's Witnesses who all seemed to have love for one another and seemed to know a lot more about the scriptures than anyone I have ever known before. No one I knew who went to church ever talked about God or seemed to know anything about Him, but here were people who really knew things about God personally, and could relate to events in the scriptures as if they knew the persons involved personally, which began to interest and excite me.
   These feelings led me to see things that were good and evil in my life, and the things that didn't please God, and my desire was becoming that I did want to please God, in my life in all that I did, thus I was attracted more and more to this group of people who called themselves Jehovah's Witnesses, and associated myself more and more with them as a family.
   The next step came when I wanted to be completely in the Witnesses organisation believing I would be saved being under their tuition and that at Armageddon I would not perish, but would inherit everlasting life on this paradise earth, through a resurrection. I wanted to tell as many people as possible of this good news and hope that I had, and that through this one man Adam death comes upon us all, but through witnessing to the name of this Jehovah God we would secure everlasting life and be saved through Jehovah's judgement at Armageddon, and the paradise earth would ours to enjoy forever. Such was the compelling power of the message we were going on the doors with, that was far different to the churches weakness in their message, as they didn't seem to have the power of the hope we had.
   This hope we were experiencing led to the need for new premises, a new kingdom hall, the funds for building it came through donation from Witnesses, and a repayable loan from the Watchtower Society, with all the work being done voluntary. How could Jehovah god not have been with us when He seemed to be blessing us with a new Kingdom Hall, and all the congregation actively being involved in its building, whilst witnessing to Jehovah. People would surely see that in our lives and in our efforts God was really with us.
   This was the year 1968, and little did I know I would never ever see the inside of the new Kingdom Hall, I helped to lay the foundation, and was given the task of laying the first brick, but then God stepped in, and out of the Witnesses I came.

I was ill after the birth of my last daughter, I had, had to have my womb removed and was recovering at home, I hadn't been out for several weeks, but the witnesses took me along to the meetings, in a room they had in town center awaiting the new Kingdom Halls completion. One weekend my daughter and son in law came to visit me from Glossop, both John and Sylvia were also Witnesses, and had gone to live in Glossop to plant a new congregation. And came over with their young daughter Jane, and Jane decided she would like to stay with grandma for a week.
   This is the funny part and how I left the W's, whilst Jane was staying with me she came down with German measles, and I said I would look after her, and they could come and pick her up the next weekend, as she was so poorly. With having Jane with me I was prevented from attending the meetings as a woman there was in early pregnancy, and they didn't want to risk her baby being affected by this bout of measles being passed on.
The next weekend John and Sylvia came back over to collect her, and when John came and he was ready to leave he took me aside and opened the bible at Romans chapter 11, and told me to read just two verses 25 & 26.
"25 For I do not desire, brethren, that you should be ignorant of this mystery, lest you should be wise in your own opinion, that blindness in part has happened to Israel until the fullness of the Gentiles has come in. 26 And so all Israel will be saved, as it is written: " The Deliverer will come out of Zion, and He will turn away ungodliness from Jacob."

John asked me what I saw in those passages of scripture, and I said, "Oh the Jews are still beloved of God and at the proper time he will gather the nation in to Himself and take away the sin of Jacob and remove their sins, and they will know Him." John and Jane then left and just as John was going out the door he said something strange, "If you never speak to me again, I'll understand," and with that he was gone.
   I went to bed that night, forgetting all about his words until the early hours of the morning, then I woke, and scriptures kept flooding into my mind, I couldn't retain or remember them but they just kept coming, I felt a wonderful peace come over me, and at other times I would be sobbing uncontrollably, all the whilst my husband lay fast asleep, undisturbed at my side, someone seemed to be in touch, telling me these things known. I also saw that in preaching the Witnesses message on the doors; I was persecuting the church, preaching judgement instead of grace, mercy, and salvation. This turmoil continued on Sunday night also, I was not tired when I got up that Monday morning.
   On Monday morning, I got my coat, and walked out of the door, not knowing what I was going to do, this was also the first time after my illness I'd been out of the house on my own. I no sooner got into town than I was confronted by a Witness and I said, "I've got something to tell you. He said he hadn't time to talk as he was going to a bible study with someone, and that he would see me again. I told him that what I had to tell him was a matter of life and death, that, "I could no longer be a Jehovah's Witness,' it isn't true, because the foundation of Jehovah's Witnesses were based on the teaching that the Jews have been utterly cast off by God, but their rejection isn't final. The Jews are still beloved of God, and their rejection is only till the fullness of the Gentiles have been gathered in and God will then turn His attention again to His chosen people, despite their disobedience of unbelief." This witness told me to come to the library, and to keep my voice down as what I told shocked and irritated him, that if I believed what I was telling him was of the devil. "Thanks I said."
   Now to cut a long story short that day I confronted a whole bunch of witnesses, and told them the same news, none of the Witnesses I told could give an understanding of the scripture in context of what the organisation taught, some were bewildered and confused but utterly refused to take on board the things I was saying, others put my behaviour down to my recent illness, and couldn't understand why I was out and about when I'd been so ill, others were just upset an near to tears, as what I was saying would lead to me being expelled from the organisation, which I was.
   Expelled, a meeting was called, and I was ordered to explain my actions, I told them to open their bibles at Romans eleven and read the scriptures, they did and became fearful not knowing how to explain what they were reading, they tried to put what I was telling them down to a confused state of mind due to my illness, but then I have a very broad Lancashire accent, somehow my voice changed, and they asked me if I'd been taking elocution lessons, which I hadn't. I said that I was speaking in my normal way, as I hadn't noticed anything at all. Anyway I was expelled, and began to realise it was Christ I belonged to and not an organisation, after that the usual happened none of the Witnesses would speak to me, I went about telling all that I'd witnessed to about Christ, and that the witnesses were not true, and that it was Christ you belonged to, some where shocked, others were so glad I'd come to personal relationship with Christ.
   I told vicars, they simply couldn't comprehend my new found faith, I ended up in a little Pentecostal church, it was rather like the Witnesses, but with real love, if anything needed doing people would offer their services, and the pastor Mr Smith, would bring sandwiches from his Sunday lunch, in case anyone visited the church who hadn't eaten. So much for the Witnesses telling me, "I'd never find anyone like myself." Well I do, and I'm still telling them that in Adam you die, and in Christ, all shall be made alive.
   John Archer my son in law had also found Christ, and had a church praying for him, that one Sunday morning, he preached a different sermon to the Witnesses, he preached to them from Romans eleven, he was forcefully dragged from the platform, and later expelled from the organisation.

Well that about sums it up, there is much more to add to this testimony, but this is a brief account of my experiences, may the Lord bless this to each and every one of you who read this, and remember it is Christ and Christ alone you belong to, cling only to that hope, and I'll see you up there. Margery Dee.       


 Wow! What a testimony.  Thank you for posting this, Summicron.


Hey Summicron ,
Just seeing this testimony now. (thank you Scotty boy for posting the link in shout box for me :thumbsup:)

I was indeed blessed by your friend Margie's testimony and to see how God brought her into a personal relationship with him.
Tell her thank you for sharing her story and may others be blessed also.

Ruth Ann Bice

Here I am, replying months later - WHAT A TESTIMONY!

I will leave this discussion today praising God for His faithfulness and love. The Word is a wonderful guide for our lives.
...his compassions fail not.  They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness.


What a great testimony....JW were a stepping stone which led her to God Almighty through Christ our Lord...Wonderful-
God's Word is truth, You can trust and believe what he says more than any human word!!!--"Because he loves me," says the LORD, "I will rescue him;I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name. He will call upon me, and I will answer him;I will be with him in trouble,I will deliver him and honor him. With long life will I satisfy him and show him my salvation." 

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That truly is a wonderful post to read today!  I was just speaking last evening to a friend about the JW's.  I'm going to show them this.

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