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Oldiesmann: Yet another update on the car situation... Going to look at a 2012 Hyundai Sonata tomorrow (Tuesday). Hoping to get it, assuming everything looks good and I can get affordable payments Dec 03 2019 12:04am

Oldiesmann: Accident was my fault. Went through what I thought was a yellow light and it turned red before I got through the intersection. Got hit by cross traffic on the front right side Oct 26 2019 10:34am

Marilyn: So is your insurance going to foot the cost of an new car for you. was the accident the other guy's falt or yours? Oct 22 2019 11:42am

Oldiesmann: Update on the car situation... Initial estimate was that the car was repairable. However, after further inspection at a body shop, the insurance company determined that the cost of repairs is about $1200 more than the car is worth Oct 16 2019 10:28pm

Oldiesmann: For those who didn't see the message on seniorsandfriends, I was involved in an accident this morning. I'm fine and my car should be repairable, but I've had the car less than 48 hours and am not looking forward to the costs Sep 30 2019 12:33pm

Carol: Praise:  I have no cancer after undergoing a skin throat surgery  today!  Everyone was surprised - - prayers answered.   So very blessed. Aug 13 2019 5:25pm

Carol: Today is another drive to the VA.  We have found a little part that is not on the fast and furious freeway.  Whoever thinks that growth in a city is a good thing is wrong.  Two grands came for an overnight and their visits mean so much to us.  /b] Aug 07 2019 10:46am

Carol: I hope everyone is feeling well and happy.  Aug 07 2019 10:42am

JudyB: I have posted a new month! Aug 02 2019 8:05pm

Carol: Good Day - I see John B is online right now. John and Judy, I do hope you are not in the seriously hot temperatures.  I is really a scorcher today about 100 degrees.  Praying for relief. Jul 19 2019 10:31am

New Every Morning~April 14

Started by Pat, April 14, 2003, 12:08:45 am

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April 14, 2003, 12:08:45 am Last Edit: April 14, 2003, 12:05:42 pm by Pat Scott

Yesterday was the 40th Anniversary of Ruth and Mel Gray!  Let's all wish them a Happy Anniversary today in lieu of yesterday![/size]

Link of the day...[/font]
    Strong's Concordance What a wonderful treasure to have as one of your favorites!!!  

    Creation Moment [/list]

    Verse for Today...[/font]
      "For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,  being justified freely by His grace through the redemption that is in Christ Jesus,"[/color]
      ~Romans 3:23-24 NKJV~

      Quote of the Day...[/font]
         "Learn to hold loosely all that is not eternal."
        ~A. M. Royden~[/list]

        Some News We Should Know About...
          Seven U.S. troops found healthy
          WASHINGTON, April 13 -- Coalition forces found seven U.S. troops previously classified as missing on the road between Baghdad and Tikrit, Gen. Tommy Franks said Sunday. The soldiers appear to be healthy.

          Photo Moment: Hubble's stunning new vision of God's creation [/b]   [/list]

          From our forums...
          • Our "Through the Bible in one Year" is well on it's way!  How are you doing with it?  Want to join us?
            We started at Genesis

          • Post Your Photos here! Our Photography area is slowly building!  Join us by putting yours in.  If you don't have a web page of your own, please feel free to ask us to help you while you are getting one.

          Morning Devotional...

          I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto Myself.                           John 14:2-3

          This promise was made as the death of the Lord drew near. He broached the subject by simply saying that He was going away.

          Naturally the disciples were troubled. But His reply calmed their fears--I am coming again to receive you to Myself that where I am, there you may be also.

          Still today, we await the fulfillment of this promise. John responded to it in Revelation 22:20. He said, "Even so come, Lord Jesus."

          What is our response?
                                                                                     --Reg. L. Jordan

          Come, Lord, come! We wait for Thee,
          We listen still for Thy returning;
          Thy loveliness we long to see,
          For Thee the lamp of hope is burning.

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          Etta Sue

          Won't it be a glorious day when the Lord comes to take us to the place he prepared for us?  I am ready!

          I think I napped too long this evening and now I am wide awake.  But my bull frog imitation is getting better with each cough.  I am glad I can't spead cybergerms.   ::)




          Pat, the devotion brings to mind a special comfort God gave me.  My very dear grandmother, Mimaw, got sick one night and we thought it was pneumonia.  She went into the hospital, and a few days later was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and given just a few weeks to live.  In the next day or two, the cancer had grown amazingly fast, and her prognosis was knocked down to days.  On her tenth day in the hospital, I was driving to see her.  It was a beautiful May day, and was mine and Bernard's anniversary.  I knew very well that it may be the last time i would see her on this side, and my heart was heavy.

          To get to the hospital, I had to drive part of Interstate 40 that goes through Biltmore Forest.  If you look at just the right time, you can catch a glimpse of the Biltmore House.  I was noticing the blue sky and white clouds and wondering what heaven would be like.  I glanced to my right, and saw the Biltmore House, and it was like God was saying to me, "If man can build that, what can I build?  And I have Mimaw's ready for her."

          When I got to her room, she was barely conscious, and didn't recognize anyone.  I leaned down, and told her it was okay to go, her mansion was ready, Jesus had prepared it, and it we would be okay until time to join her.  She died the next evening, and my brother preached the sermon based around her favorite verse, unknown to me until the funeral.  It was, "I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto Myself.                          John 14:2-3"  Ain't God good?  Like, all the time!!!

          Sorry I didn't get in here to post Sunday.  I actually lurked several times, and just didn't get a chance to say hi.  

          Oh, yea, Anthony, I haven't forgotten you!  8)  Watch the skies, boy, watch the skies.   ;)

          have an awesome monday everyone!!


          I'm glad you can't spread the germs either, Jetta Sue.  Then we would ahve to call you Germy Jetta.  

          (Can ya'll tell i get punchy late at night??)


          April 14, 2003, 12:48:33 am #4 Last Edit: April 14, 2003, 12:50:08 am by Sonifo
          Hey all you CPers out there.  I had the greatest day today.

          To start it off Lila was really cranky because she is getting her last 4 teeth.  Thank goodness. I missed the morning church service to hold her.
          I finally got her to bed and went out to play baseball with the boys or I should say we played catch.
          That was fun. The boys are throwing pretty hard now. I had to run a lot.We all went to the park and played horse.  It is a basketball game. Chandraya and Lila Mae played with the rocks and on the slides.  We then all sat in the rocks and played with Lila Mae.  I think she is a little spoiled.  
          Mike and I took a little break from the kids and played some hacky.  We then went to church at 7:00pm.  That was so much fun.  Sara came and gave me a hug right off the bat.  And her husband Jack teased us a bit.  He is a charactor.  We had an Avagalist speaker speak tonight.  He was good.

          He told us 5 things that God does not know.
          1.)God does not know a sin he doesn't hate.
          2.)God does not know a sinner that He doesn't love.
          3.)God does not know anyway to forgive us except through Jesus Christ.
          4.)God does not know a better time then now.  
              How many times have you heard someone say "I     don't want to be saved
              now, I want to wait till later till I know more"?
          5.)God does not know what we are talking about when we ask for forgiveness the second time around, because He has already forgiven us.

          This is truely an answer from God.  He is always reminding me that He loves
          me know matter what.  Praise God!!!!!  He loves us all!!!!!

          This is so important to me and I am so jazzed about all these prayers being answered.  

          Thanks for listening.

          Janet~Thanks for the hug.  I love hugs too.  Here is one for you.  
          (((((hugs)))))  Did you have fun with Abby this weekend?  Can't wait to
          see the pictures of the service this morning.

          Marilyn~I wrote you a private message.  

          Good morning early bird, Anthony!



          That's awesome Sonja.  God is good.

          Do you give the baby anything for the teeth?  There are some herbal tablets that dissolve quickly that are supposed to be really good.  Travis cut his so quickly, I didn't have time to try them.  We were fortunate, I just looked and boom, there they were.  He usually cut at least 2 if not 4 at a time.  He now has 16 little razor sharp things in there.  Glad you had a good time at the park and church.  Pictures???


          No Karmat, I didn't take any pictures today.   :oThat is shocking. :o

          I have tried the little pills, but they don't work on my kids for some reason.   ???

          Did you get your pictures in this week for DPC?  I did and boy am I glad.  I was having withdrawels.  


          Yea, I have a submission in both challenges.  I figured my candy entry would be so-so.  No awards or anything, but at least a 5.  And I predicted my weather entry to totally smash the bottom.  Potential last place, I though, and meant to unsubmit it, but got busy.   :-\  Surprise, the candy is in the mid 4's, and the weather is around 6.  Go figure.  I imagine things will change as the week wears on.  I just haven't taken any good challenge shots lately.  A wee bit uninspired, I am afraid.  Maybe this week . . .

          Jane Walker

          Hey there!!  Just putting my foot in the door to hold my place for later ... I'll be back when I'm more rested and possibly more alert.   ::)

          Y'all take care...I've had an awesome weekend and trust your's was the same...maybe even better, y'think? ;)

          My love 'n' hugs to everyone!

          Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass .... it's about learning to dance in the rain!


          Wow, so many posts this morning - and that's great.  Firstly let me say Pat, will be thinking of you at this time and I am glad that you don't have to spend it alone.

          Happy anniversary to Ruth and Mel (have I remembered the names right.)

          God bless everyone, I had a sleepless night last night as my mother spottes two people breaking into my next door neighbour's house. I telephoned the police and they came almost immediately.  The two culprits were arrested (Hooray).  The thing that upset us the most was that our young 19 year old girl neighbour was actually asleep in the house on her own.  If those two had broken in we don't know what might have happened.

          Anyway, sorry to carry on so.

          Pat thanks for the devotional this morning.  I look forward to that place where people won't be braking into one another's mansions (sorry for that).  And Karma that was a very touching story about you gm.  Thanks for sharing that. (BTW, I haven't submitted a photo this week at dpc and feel bad about that.  I always think I have won if I just submit - never mind, but I  hope everyone else does well with their stuff.)

          God bless everyone, just trying to get the sleep out of my eyes.  Have a great Monday.



          Good morning everyone!  Karmat, what a wonderful, touching story!  I'm glad you got to spend the last couple of days with your grandmother.  I didn't see my grandfather for at least two weeks before he passed on.  But he was saved, thank the Lord, so I'll see him again. I'm so glad you shared that with us.

          I just popped in to say hi before I have to head off to work.  I'm going to bring my rollerskates with me and go out on my lunch hour.  At least it's some form of exercise!  And it's going up up up in temperature today, and even higher tomorrow.  Have a wonderful day everyone, and especially you Pat.  


          Ruth Ann Bice

          Good morning, friends,

          Anthony, that's really frightening. Not only for the young lady next door, but to know that crime is so rampant and realize afresh that none of us are immune.

          Yes, thanks for the grandmother story. We see so very often that the comfort is provided when needed. How thankful I am you got to be with her, as well. And, once when I was gravely ill, folk didn't know I could hear and understand even though I couldn't respond. So, she could have known you were there - just couldn't let you know it.

          Y'all have a good couple of days. I'm off to Cleveland for that little business trip.

          Ruth Ann
          ...his compassions fail not.  They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness.

          Papa John

          Good morning.  Wow!  A lot of people have already been in here this morning.  Good to see each one of you.

          Pat, I have always loved those verses of John 14.  These were the first Bible verses I ever memorized.  It was in a Bible class when I was just a little boy.  It is a wonderful promise which sustains us in what ever problems we may have.  When I have a troubled heart I can go back to this passage for comfort.  

          Good to see Etta Sue, Karmat, Sonja, Jane, Anthony, Mercy Child, and Ruth Ann.

          Anthony, that WAS scary last night.  I'm glad that it turned out all right.

          Our daughter, Beth and husband will arrive here about noon today.  I am getting ready now to have my morning swim.  See you all later.

          --- Papa John    ;D
          Eph 2:8-9  For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith-- and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God-- not by works, so that no one can boast.(NIV)

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          alt="Click for Nashville, Tennessee Forecast" height=41 width=127>


          Papa John, I am just trying to picture a white bearded young boy memorizing the bible - I presume you were born with the white beard (I hope you don't mind the joke :D)

          Mercychild, talking about roller skating reminds me of my youth.  We used to have a roller drome in the town which I frequented and enjoyed it a lot - those were the days.  I  hope you have a great day today.

          Ruth Ann, your illness seems to have been very nasty.  I don't  remember anyone telling the group about it, but my memory is very poor so I may have forgotten; I just am glad that you are well now.

          God bless all, I am off to look at the photography section.


          Larry Hanna

          Hi everyone from a beautiful, sunny and bright Atlanta area.  I am just back from coffee at the local cafe.  Just one friend there this morning to visit with today but we enjoyed it.

          Mel and Ruth Gray, Happy 45th.  You have my wife and I beat by about 4 years.

          Isn't it comforting to know that Jesus has prepared a place for us and that we need not fear death.  This is a great verse of scripture as the basis of our devotional this morning.

          Etta Sue, hope you continue to feel better.  Those colds can make a person feel so down and unproductive.

          Karmat, a very touching recount of your Grandmother's last days.  

          Anthony, that was certainly a frightening occurrence with your neighbor.  It was good that your Mother was so alert to what was happening and that the police caught the culprits.  Having grown up where we never locked our doors or took the keys out of the car, we now live in an environment where you are almost afraid to open your front door.  We have had several home invasions in our County in the last year while the residents are in the house.  However, I also know we can't live our lives in fear.

          Pat, hope you have a very pleasant day with your family and recall many wonderful events related to Jack's birthday celebrations over the years.



          Good Morning Everyone. That was a wonderful Gm story, it's good you got to spend that special time with her and recite her favorite scripture. I was with my G-ma when she went to the other side. She was in my arms. I was veryclose to my g-ma as she is the one I spent most of my childhood with. That last time I saw my mom was 4 months before she passed as we were 500 miles apart. That is oneof the things I regret about moving to the desert and leaving myhome town.

          Today I am off to that couples house towork this morning then on to the library.

          Sonja I will send that photo later, I don't have it saved here on my computer it is at pbase and Iwill have to copy it to email it.

          I will go now to check out the other fourms Isee there is a new prayer request.

          Ill be back later.

          "Good people take care of their animals, but even the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel" Prov. 12:10
          Click for North Bend, Oregon Forecast" border="0" height="100" width="150        My Website

          Etta Sue

          Karma ~ What a beautiful story of your grandmother.  I think it gives us peace to know we have let them go and that we will meet with them again someday.  Plus the Biltmore Mansion is some mansion!
          Germy Jetta is much better today.  Still Germy but better.

          Sonja ~ It is great that you spend so much time with your children in physical activities.  I remember when I could do that but not any more.  Just walking to the garage brings a sweat to me.   :-[  And aren't all kids to be spoiled to some degree or other?  I really liked the '5 Things That God Does Not Know.'  That is very comforting, isn't it?  Also.....((((((SONJA))))))  :-*  :-*

          Jane ~ Glad you got your foot in the door.  We are holding the door open for you to enter when you have time.

          Jen ~ You kids and your physical activities wear me out just thinking about it.   :P I know I should be more physical.  I should start walking to the woods every day.  That would do it!

          Ruth Ann ~ I pray that your trip to Cleveland is safe and enjoyable.

          Papa John ~ I know you will enjoy Beth and her husband when they get to your place.  Kaye Don and Barb got back here yesterday afternoon.  I saw them but didn't talk to them...Germy Jetta!  

          Larry ~ Thank you for your well wishes.  I am so very seldom sick or don't feel good that when I do get something, it takes its toll on me.  I got some rest last night and feel much better but thanks again, for the well wishes.

          Pat ~ I am so glad that you are with someone today.  Last Friday was my husband's birthday.  Time does heal but I am still glad that I was busy and with someone.  

          Marilyn ~ Good morning.  I see you are up and raring to go today.  Don't work too hard.  Stop and smell the roses!   :D


          April 14, 2003, 11:12:56 am #17 Last Edit: April 14, 2003, 04:08:07 pm by Janet
          Another busy morning here in CP.  I have read and enjoyed each post.  What a great way to get to know each other!

          We will leave here early in the morning to take Beth back to Amarillo, Texas, to see several doctors, will be gone for three days.  So try to miss me just a little, will you? ;)

          I've had my swim, got the laundry going, now playing catch up on the computer, but must get off here and get some stuff done that I have been letting go.

          It's so nice to be able to visit with all of you this way.  We are becoming such a close-knit community, and I love it---and you!
          My book Rising Above available at JanetDamon.com


          It's great to see so many here today!

          It's quite a nice day here in Guelph and my Avon order arrives soon and then I'll be going to Andrew's home for supper so I'll be scarce around here.  I hope that there are many messages to read as I check in off and on.

          Great to see Mary Frances has registered!

          "Click for Waterloo Wellington, Ontario Forecast"


          BIG OOPS!!!

          Ruth and Mel celebrated their 40th not 45th!!!

          "Click for Waterloo Wellington, Ontario Forecast"


          "I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto Myself.

          This is a kind God, I know only of his help. He has help me many times to undarstand why at times things have so much pain. To loose my friends is my most great pain. They are my only treasures. My life is his to take and it is at his time to choose. I know there is a place for me in heaven, (but I hope it is not so big as a Biltmore, I do not want to clean it). :-\

          He is the first to forgive me when I make a mistakes.
          He is the first to help me when I am sad.
          The first I spend time with when I awake.
          The last to wish me a good night.

          It is hard for me to undarstand why I am ask to fear this most kind God. Does it bring me shame if I have no fear of my God? My only fear is to loose him as my friend.


           Good afternoon:

          Just a quick peek  before leaving for work.

          Thanks for the anniversary greetings. Both Mel & I wish to thank all of you.  It was a busy day yesterday with guests in the morning late afternoon and evening and the best was in the afternoon with a brunch at the The Doctors House in Kleinburg with 28 of our relatives and friends.

          Ruth & Mel

          In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.  Proverbs 3:6

          Jane Walker

          April 14, 2003, 12:42:29 pm #22 Last Edit: April 14, 2003, 12:45:12 pm by Jane Walker
          MIEKA~I understand your love for, and comfort in God.  Don't worry about that word "fear" ... It means to be in awe ... to have a reverance and respect for such an awesome God.  You already have that ...

          P.S. I love your photo!    :)

          Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass .... it's about learning to dance in the rain!


          A favorite area on the forums when Anthony had them on his site was the Fortnightly Photo Challenge and many have asked me to re-introduce this.

          So, we've done just that today so start your "spring digging" into your photo collections and post photos in our first Challenge!

          CLICK HERE

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          April 14, 2003, 01:36:25 pm #24 Last Edit: April 14, 2003, 02:00:21 pm by Pat Scott
          Hi Mieka...

          Boy!  I just love that you've come to Christian Photographers!  You sure are keeping us on our toes and causing many to dig into our Bibles.

          What a wonderful question you've asked today.

          "Fear" of God here doesn't mean that you must be always "afraid" of Him.  But just as Jane has said, the meaning here is to be in "AWE" of Him.  It means that we have "reverence" for Him.

          In Proverbs 8:13  it says, The fear of the Lord is to hate evil;  
          Pride and arrogance and the evil way
          And the perverse mouth I hate."

          So, in the above verse, "Fear" means that we hate evil.

          I'm sure that others, too, will be able to add to what Jane and I have said.

          This would be a wonderful study indeed to go through the Bible and study all the verses where the word "fear" is used.

          That link I've put in today's Devotional at the very top is a great link to have on your computer and type in the word "fear" and see the many ways it's used in the Bible.

          Thanks so very much, Mieka for asking.

          "Click for Waterloo Wellington, Ontario Forecast"


          Here's one of my favorite hymns.  The words are so true and so special...

          I Sought the Lord
          (Click to hear music)

          Author:  Author Unknown
          Musician:  George W. Chadwidk


          I sought the Lord, and afterward I knew
          He moved my soul to seek Him, seeking me.
          It was not I that found, O Savior true;
          No, I was found of Thee.

          Thou didst reach forth Thy hand and mine enfold;
          I walked and sank not on the storm vexed sea.
          'Twas not so much that I on Thee took hold,
          As Thou, dear Lord, on me.

          I find, I walk, I love, but oh, the whole
          Of love is but my answer, Lord, to Thee!
          For Thou were long beforehand with my soul,
          Always Thou lovest me.

          "Click for Waterloo Wellington, Ontario Forecast"


          howdy, howdy, howdy!!!

          I hope everyone is having a good Monday.  Mine is going well.  Thanks for your questions Mieka.  I agree with what the others are saying.  I used to think, "If God is love, why should I fear him?"  God is love, and the "fear" is what I consider an awesome realization of the power He alone possesses.  Somewhere it talks about "fear and trembling" which makes me think that though he is love, and is a father, if we do not know him, there will be trembling when we see him.

          Thanks for bringing the challenge back, Pat!

          happy anniversary ruth and mel

          Just in case you don't know what the Biltmore House is, here is a link (and I think you will agree with Mieka, I wouldn't want to clean it either!)


          Meika it's so nice to see your photograph, and what a very beautiful girl you are.

          It was very touching to hear that you have known so much pain in your life.  I am sorry to hear it, but glad to hear that you have such a love for God and that He is comforting you now.

          It's good that you ask the people here about the word 'fear'.  The word means so many things.  I like everyone's answer to you to explain what it means  in the bible.  My idea of the meaning of the word fear as we see it in the bible is that when we think of how Almighty God is - He rules over all men and governments and even devils and evil powers - when we think of these things it makes us stand in awe of Him.  Of course while we reverance Him in this way, as you say, it is great to be able to feel His love for us each and every day.

          Another thought is that if God is so Almighty, then if He is our friend, we have nothing really to fear.  The bible says, "If God be for us, who can be against us?"  If He is such an all powerful God, what can a mere man do to harm me, or even evil powers - that's just another idea about the word 'fear'.

          God bless you for asking us questions, as Pat says, it helps us all look in our bibles and study the ideas that you are asking about.


          Papa John

          Anthony, I love your jokes.  They do not bother me at all.  The fact is that my beard didn't get white until I was older.  When I was a child it was black.      ::)

          Meika, I hope the answers others have given have helped you.  We do not have to be afraid of God if we are his children.  We do have respect for him for his holiness and his power.  He is an awesome God.  But He loves us and we are his children.  By his grace he saves through the sacrifice of Jesus.

          I Jn 4:18  There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.  (NIV)

          Christians do not have to dread the judgment because they are saved by God's love.  Christians have forgiveness and promise of a heavenly home.

          --- Papa John    ;D
          Eph 2:8-9  For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith-- and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God-- not by works, so that no one can boast.(NIV)

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          I'm back home for just a short time before going on tothe library.

          Mieka: Waht a beautiful young girl you are, so sweet looking and it would seem so innocent. I am sorry for the pain you have suffered in you short life. Some where in the Bible it says "fear not for I am with you" in other words do not be afraid. the others have tould you well I can't add to what they have said   FEAR IS EQUAL TO REVERENCE IN MOST CASES IN THE BIBLE."

          Well I shall return.

          Sonja I sent to pic again. from a different email, if my computer didn't think it held a virus it will go through.

          "Good people take care of their animals, but even the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel" Prov. 12:10
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