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Thoughts for the Month ~ January 2021

Started by JudyB, January 02, 2021, 01:37:31 AM

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January 02, 2021, 01:37:31 AM Last Edit: January 02, 2021, 01:43:26 AM by JudyB

:) From Our Forums :thumbsup:

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by Chris Saunders  [/color][/size]

"Grace to you and Peace from God our Father and from the Lord Jesus Christ."

Eph. 1

How could Paul say this with such certainty?
Simply because He knew God, he had been captured and censured  by Christ as he continued to persecute and jail believers,  on the Damascus Road, Paul the attacker of the Christian faithful met the risen Christ and heard the Voice of God , "Paul why are you persecuting Me you're only hurting yourself". Paul had come face to face with God.. For the first time in his life this extremely religious Pharisee came face to face with the God of Israel and realised that he did not know God at all!
Paul was accused by the Lord Jesus Christ of persecuting Him!
His feet were knocked from under him.. His false life shown to be just that.. A false, empty ineffectual life outside of Christ the true and living God, his was a life of hatred and frustration, he had no peace, no love in his heart, he was an empty, frustrated man.
Coming suddenly to realise that Christ is risen, and that anyone who persecutes Christ's people are persecuting Christ Himself, filled him with terror, "Lord what must I do?"
What must I do to put things right, what must I do to receive forgiveness for my sins, can I be forgiven, can I start again...
All this must have filled the mind of terrified Paul as he lay in the dust at Christ's feet.
But Pardon there was, full and free. Mercy, Grace, Amazing Love.
All came to Paul through Calvary, through the suffering and death of the Lord Jesus.
And the risen Christ met with the Chief of sinners and gave him a new start.
That is why the Apostle Paul could greet us with the above greeting. "Grace to you and Peace from God our Father and from the Lord Jesus Christ."
Paul had met with Christ, had his sins forgiven and was a new person.
Is that you today?
At the beginning of this new year,
Meet with Christ, let Him give you a new start.
God bless you.



January 03, 2021, 02:17:34 PM #2 Last Edit: January 03, 2021, 02:23:22 PM by Jacqueline
...you posted another favourite hymn of mine...

...like Paul, yes please God, forgive me my sins, as i have made many that i am now ashamed of, let me start anew - fresh, as from 2021 onwards, as it is too late to make amends to the one person that meant the world to me... 

Here I am Lord, it is I Lord...

" there is no such thing as an ending, only a place where you leave the story "
~ Muriel Donnelly


Beautiful music...thank you.  It is nice to see the congregation singing. Our church posts music and sermons so we can listen to the Good Word and it is working fairly well. 

It is a sunny day here so we took a walk and sat on one of the neighborhood benches.  There is still snow on the ground so we just have to try to walk where it is shoveled.  All of the Christmas ornaments are stored in the basement.  It was a different Christmas but we made it better by telephone calls. 

What is happening in your neighborhoods? 


UK put back into lockdown ( third time ) this time for the next six weeks...our nightmare continues..
" there is no such thing as an ending, only a place where you leave the story "
~ Muriel Donnelly



I am absolutely blown away by something I found out yesterday evening.  A young man who came here with his 3 year old daughter about 24 years ago has since moved out to Edmonton Alberta.  He knew the gospel however wasn't living the life.
 His last conversation with me was "How long can I wait before I die to accept Christ as my Saviour?"  We discussed it i great extent.  Shortly after he left and i haven't seen or heard from him since.  Yesterday I found out that he has turned his life around and is married living the life walking the talk!! Praise God!!! 
Some time ago there was a lady I worked with that had all kinds of problems.  I would listen and tell her that she needed to go to church to get answers.  I for a PM from her that she was going to church, and had given her life to Christ!  I was blown away!!
Back in the 80's I would go into the local 7/11 and meet up with Bonnie, again she would tell me what was going on in her life.  I told her she needed to go to church.  Can you imagine my surprise when in the 90's I went to see/hear a friend preach.  And a lady came up to me and said Judy thankyou!

I find these encounters amazing, and I am always blown away by the results.  Why I am surprised I really don't know. Our God is a great God.  However It speaks to the ability that this servant can and has been used. Who am I that you would use me.

The song that Jacqueline posted really answers that question.  I am available to be used. Here I am LORD, Ready and willing to be used.

Thankyou for that song, I am in puddles right now!


... i am a firm believer in " everything happens for a reason "
" there is no such thing as an ending, only a place where you leave the story "
~ Muriel Donnelly



Hi, Kids!  Janet checking in again!  We just got home from Garden City (about 60 miles away) where Darrel had a bone marrow biopsy.  The VA ordered it, I understand it's to check for Cancer.  He says the spot is starting to "hurt pretty good" now.

I'm still having tests on my heart, looking for the cause of the dizziness.  No news yet.

I love the great music--thank you!

I got fed up with only watching church on computer, so we are attending churches that are open.  Have visited one here in town and one in Hugoton.

How many of you plan to take the Covid vaccine?  We are NOT going to take it.

I need to try to do some catching up. See you later!
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January 09, 2021, 02:13:58 AM #10 Last Edit: January 09, 2021, 02:33:16 AM by Jacqueline
... UK had our highest death rate yesterday, told we are now out of control and our brave NHS wont be able to cope, we have as good as run out of beds and they are exhausted, also losing some of their own to this virus....I dont know when i shall get called up for one of our now three vaccinations but i will take one when offered...Our Government are going against our medical professions in the gap of having the first dose to having its second, its booster vaccine which causing me alarm signals...I also heard that one MS person was even told that her booster dose might be one of the other three vaccines so having two separate vaccines ( a mix and match of Moderna - Pfizer - Oxford ) injected into her arm, shock horror if this was to happen...Oh how i have prayed to our God to take this pandemic away from the world, we know Jesus has done miracles, why not do this miracle for us...What a mess our countries are in...
Yes weighing up as to whether we die from one of these vaccines or to die from this out of control Covid strain, that is the question...
" there is no such thing as an ending, only a place where you leave the story "
~ Muriel Donnelly


Thankful for a phone call yesterday from our grandson who was injured in his truck roll over.  He is in good spirits - so thankful injuries - some are mending well.  It was good to hear his voice and he has a positive outlook.  He will keep one or two metal rods in his body forever - at least we are told for now. 

It is still dark outside.  My morning read is starting a Max Lucado - of three books.  Last read about two years ago.

Janet:  I do hope Darrel will be able to have his pain controlled with meds.  It sounds like the VA is on top of his care.  We like the VA here as well.  It is so crowded at times, we carry more insurance just in case the VA is overloaded.  It seems to happen a lot lately. 

Judy:  How is this winter weather in your area?  We have a wimpy bit of snow here - it has been dangerously dry for over a year.  Thank you for all your work on this site. 


Good morning!  I got to the site by accident this morning, but was months behind, took a good while to find today!  But here I am!

Darrel is okay, he doesn't handle pain well at all.  He has a tiny wound on his rear end, covered with a band=aid.  I'm sure there is some pain, though. But he will be fine.  I just wish I knew how long it will be before we get the report!

We are going to Hugoton to church again this morning.  We like that little church a lot.

Glad to read the good report from your grandson, Carol.  I pray he continues to mend at an astonishing rate.

Yes, Jackie, this old sin-sick  world is writhing in pain.  We are praying hard about the future of our beloved country, and God just tells me to hold on, it's not over yet!  Praise God, we can always trust in Him!

Judy, remarking on your post from a few days back: Yes! It feels wonderful to know we have been used by the Lord!  Father, use me!  Make me always ready and willing to do whatever You ask of me.

I must run!  Thinking French toast sounds good this morning!
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sipping cocoa - not coffee.  I haven't tasted coffee in months and it is probably what I need to stop forever.   :'(

It could be worse - what if I had to stop chocolate?  Dreadful idea.

Spotted yesterday, a huge racoon in the back yard - we paid so much for a different raccoon's damage last year- that critter was in the attic.  A trap was set for it and marshmallows did the job.  The trapped raccoon was taking to a natural space with water and most likely family friends nearby. 

Not much more exciting around here.  Staying indoors has some benefits - old friends are home more and it is so nice to catch up with phone calls.  Otherwise, this is lonesome living.  Good news is:  there is a basket full of books of faith with uplifting messages.  All read before but they are good to be reading once more.  We are going through stuff - to donate, give away - trash.  That is a good thing too. 

Janet:  Save some French toast for me - thanks. 


Good afternoon everyone.  I had a full post ready and it went poof.  So here I will try again.

Zeke our Rottie stands about at my waist.  He went out with Heather (My daughter) for a walk. He decided to go into a ditch that was full of snow. He jumped in and was up to his head in snow.  He loves doing this. jumping in snow and rolling in it.  We have had enough snow to prevent the ground from freezing, It is like an insulating blanket.

We are having above average temperatures this year. Usual is -20C or -4F.  With the above average we experience more snow and freezing rain.  Our province is in lockdown. Thing with that, is, here in the NEast schools are in session. John and I are on the bus runs and teachers are in the classroom.  With seniors being the most vulnerable, it is a concern for us to be out there.  75% of bus drivers are seniors.

Carol racoons pass on a terrible bacteria into ditches and puddles.  There is a vaccine for domestic animals, which prevents their becoming ill and possibly dying.  My pets are all protected.

The world is in a mess, not just the USA. We need to be praying for those who are against the evil and pray for protection for them.  They have a really rough job to do in exposing the corruption in every country.

You thank me for keeping the website going.  I love what I do.  I just wish I had more ability to do what needs to be done.



Judy:  Interesting about the raccoon's germs.  I wonder if they carry rabies.  Prayers for good roads for you and John! 

I had a fright this week - with Don having a
 health issue - he felt weak and disoriented - I almost called paramedics but instead called the two youngest boys.  They were here in a flash and by then, Don was "coming around".  He was in pain but couldn't understand and weak plus so disoriented - I managed to get him in a chair - prayed and held his hands.  Now we know to bring glucose tablets right away in case this happens again.  Forever thankful for family - and the grace of God. 




Carol you need a glucometer!!!  Check with your pharmacy, Here we get them free but have to pay for strips!

Today was a dull dreary day.  It was foggy, and a fine rain coming down, ad seemed to be freezing on the mirrors. The roads were good though, so driving was not a problem. 

Keep your spirits up with music or Bible verses that you know.  In everything give thanks for this is the will of God concerning you!
1 Thessalonians 5:18



January 14, 2021, 08:02:01 AM #19 Last Edit: January 14, 2021, 08:21:08 AM by Jacqueline
Please hold me in your prayers... I am to have two consecutive Ultrasound scans 15 minutes apart in four days time, first one is to be the Transvaginal followed by Abdomen...Now after my first annual home telephone consultation with my new MS Neurology Clinician, he will be booking me for an MRI scan to see the progression of my PP-Multiple Sclerosis...After losing my Richard i wont even have him to see me through this, to say i am so so frightened is an understatement...I am more than aware of how bad both my physical - medical, and mental state is, and our Coroner Virus situation ( UK ) is not helping one bit...
Oh and i have had both Ultrasounds before, five years ago where i had to have a Hysteroscopy looking for cancer, thankfully no cancer was found then just polyps, which were removed, this took place just a few weeks after my PP-MS diagnoses at age 64, same date just 4 years later i found my Richard dead in his armchair at the age of 74...21 months ago.......
" there is no such thing as an ending, only a place where you leave the story "
~ Muriel Donnelly


Hi everyone, I have been trying to get ready for the move back to Northern California.  I think the home situation will be going through as soon as I can get Keith a valid ID.  It all takes up a lot of time getting copies made and sent off lots of paperwork to buying another place. I am trying to sort through so much stuff that Keith has accumulated over 45 years. Some to the garbage, some to be given way and some to be sold. It is so daunting, plus Keith is deteriorating and he can't help at all. No lifting due to that hernia that has returned.
"Good people take care of their animals, but even the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel" Prov. 12:10
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In everything give thanks for this is the will of God concerning you!
1 Thessalonians 5:18

Thank you! Judy! - I know this to be true.  After all, now we are aware of the new way of living and checking often.  He does have that health article you mentioned.  He had eaten but apparently not enough carbs.  Thankful that we were in the house - thankful for two sons who raced over here to assist.  We keep the glucose tablets on the counter now and in the car.  I appreciate this little spot on earth where we can all come to vent our issues. 

Marilyn:  So difficult for you right now.  This too shall pass.  It sounds like you have the process of moving all arranged - I hope you have some help.

Jackie:  Prayers for you as well - prayers for you to take quiet time and let God take charge.  Sometimes, we can't control what is happening and cannot see the silver lining.  Peace be with you. Write down what Judy posted & keep the words close. 

Judy:  You have more snow than here - it is not good enough because of the drought that continues.  Winds over 100 mph in the mountains and trucks have turned over on some roads. I am sorting some fabric to figure out how much I need to make a quilt.  Also, knitting kitchen dish cloths.  My friend likes them -

Best wishes to everyone.



OK This is my mind not working right!!!  Lets see if I can post another picture! 

Today has been another dreary day. Snow, fog, rain....  It is what it is...

We had our Rambo to the vet today.  Visit number 3... He has an eye problem and today the vet said the treatment wasn't bringing his eye pressure down, the only thing left is to keep up with meds to hold him at his present eye pressure or take the eye out.  He is blind in that eye so he won't miss it.  Surgery is next Tuesday prayer for me is appreciated, I am more uptight than  John knows!!!


This is Rambo


His right our left eye is the bad one.


January 15, 2021, 03:56:16 AM #24 Last Edit: January 15, 2021, 03:58:47 AM by Jacqueline
Oh Judy,
my heart goes out to your darling Rambo...As you know i am such a dog lover, i place the love of dogs before any humans, their love is genuine, what you see is what you get, pure love and affection...Please give your Rambo a kiss and a hug from me...
" there is no such thing as an ending, only a place where you leave the story "
~ Muriel Donnelly


Rambo looks like a sweetie.  We would love a dog here but it would be too difficult, especially in winter.  The children always bring their dogs to visit us and if we go to their homes to dog-sit, we get a lot of their attention.

Terrible news every night - it is almost a police state in the city - they have to have the guard out here too because of threats over the voting.  Such a sad and embarrassing time for our nation.  Also, news tonight is there is a shortage of the vaccine.  I am on a list to have it and Don will have his shot at the VA Saturday.  Who knows when I get the email? 

To all the sewers in here -  I started a new quilt.  It is going to be all rectangular scraps of fabric - do not know the size yet.  The colors are all southwestern - browns, turquoise and others - in other words, warm and southwestern colors.  It is about time to work on anything that gets my mind off home bound life.  There is a basket by the sofa filled with biblical material - all read about two years ago.  They are perfect to read again so that is my agenda for the first hours of the morning. 

Take care.   


I love the sound of Pan Pipe...Amazing Grace...

" there is no such thing as an ending, only a place where you leave the story "
~ Muriel Donnelly


Lovely music - very soothing.  Thank you.

Our granddaughter came for a visit and she brought her boyfriend's dog for us to enjoy.  She put a new site on my laptop and brought lunch for all of us.  Nice!  Very thankful for all she does in care for us and her parents. 


...I also found the words comforting as though Jesus was talking to me personally...
" there is no such thing as an ending, only a place where you leave the story "
~ Muriel Donnelly


I arrived here by accident, but happy to catch up again.

Jackie, Prayers for a good report from your scans.  I am having all sorts of tests, still, looking for the cause of my dizziness.  Today is a nuclear stress test.

Carol, prayers for your and Don's physical frailties too.  Who knew getting old would bring so many difficulties?  You handle them with so much grace, God bless you. (((hugs)))

Judy, may Rambo get through his surgery with no extra problems and far less stress for you.  Thanks so much for keeping the site going!  I appreciate you!

Marilyn, I can only imagine the stress and WORK of moving!  We all have so much STUFF at our age--would be a blessing to our kids if we did a great purge!  But who has the energy?  Now we have so much time, so little energy. :-\

Must finish getting ready to go, have to be in Hugoton before 9 for that stress test!  May God bless each of you richly today.
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