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June 24, 2019, 05:28:06 am


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Thoughts of the Month--January

Started by Larry Hanna, January 01, 2019, 09:15:35 am

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Don had an early VA appointment and was told to be there 30 minutes ahead of time.  The doors were still closed for another 20 minutes of standing outside. 

Janet:  Look through YouTube and see if there are any good photos.  It does cook fast but there is a lengthy time you wait for the IPot to lose steam that isn't included in recipe fixing time.  Try easy things first, maybe oats and dried fruit for breakfast or try sweet potatoes.  Read directions twice so you don't miss anything - you will do fine. 

Marilyn:  That is great news your eyes are better. 

My calendar is filling up - I want to have time to visit a cousin from Washington who "winters" in Yuma.  We are planning to drive to California to meet oldest son and wife who will be there on business.  The month of March - I really need to be healthy - because it is almost full right now. 

Larry:  I found a packaged Thai meal at grocery store yesterday - all it needs is chicken and I can figure out how to cook the meat first and throw the rest into the iPot.  I'll let you know how that turns out if you are interested - we like Thai food.  I hope it is peanut flavored. 

Larry Hanna

Hi Everyone. After 4 or 5 sunny and fairly warm days we are going to have cloudy skies and cooler weather today.  We do go out to lunch at Honey from the Rock and it was very good as usual and very busy yesterday.  From there we went to the shoe store where Pat is getting her shoes and you sit down and someone waits on you.  I found the shoes I wanted, which are slip ons.  These are the most expensive shoes I have ever purchased but I expect then to last for several years and they were comfortable out of the box.  The only thing I plan to do today is go to my meeting in a few minutes and then after resting this afternoon I will watch some basketball and pro football this afternoon. 

Carol, I think we have had Thai food only once in our lives and that was at a nice restaurant.  What I got was so spicy I really couldn't tell much about the rest of the meal.  Pat has found a great way to shred baked boneless chicken when it is cooked and that is to put it in the mixer and it makes quick work of the job and does a good job.


Carol and Larry--when we were in Thailand, the food was wonderful!!  We really did enjoy it. Here, in "Thai" restaurants?  Not so much.

We got more rain, and a beautiful snow on top of it.  Looks so pretty, but I'm happy I do not need to go anywhere today!
We have drifts out there I'm not sure we could get through anyway.

I am happy to say I'm feeling a whole lot better today, so I'm doing laundry and I'm going to my studio and paint between loads!!

We have a ham bone (from Christmas) with a good amount of meat on it cooking, and a big pot of beans.  That will be good!  Maybe I'll get ambitious and make some cornbread, too!
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It snowed 7 inches at home - grateful for any moisture.

Janet:  When we were in Thailand, I just loved two little girls who wanted to hold my hand.  If I could have - I would have brought them home. We don't have the best Thai food (in Seattle) but like a couple of Asian places in Denver.  Taking leftovers will make it 3 meals for the price of one.   ^-^   Glad you are feeling better.

This morning was spent with laundry and deep cleaning stuff - including tearing apart the toaster so there would be no crumbs (fire hazard).  At least, that is the way I think - the worst.

Prayers for the young girl who escaped her kidnapper in Wisconsin. 


Larry Hanna

Hi Everyone. We are to have a cloudy and chilly day today.  I don't plan on getting out today as just not up to attending Church this morning.  Yesterday was really a down down.  I did attend my Saturday meeting yesterday but realized when I got there I should have stayed home.  I did watch several basketball games and also watched the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Cleveland Colts.  They were playing in Kansas City and my SIL said they had had 11 inches of snow and it was still snowing during the game although that had little impact on the game.

Janet, I wonder if they try to Americanize the Thai food here in the USA.  I just searched and found there are several Thai restaurants in our vicinity.  Nice to read you were feeling better yesterday. 

Carol, the only kitchen appliance we leave plugged in is our coffee maker.  We always unplug our toaster oven.  It was certainly a blessing that the young girl in Wisconsin was able to escape but what an overall tragedy.


Good morning!  We did go to church and I'm glad we didn't try to get out in the car!  Darrel brought the big pickup around, it does fine, but the ruts are too deep for a low-slung car.  Attendance at church was better than I thought it might be, considering conditions.  We did think about staying home, but when we feel good, we hesitate to miss.  It's far too easy to start finding excuses not to go, as I learned many years ago.

Larry, I'm concerned about you, so am stepping up my prayers in your behalf.  So glad you listen to your body and take the best care of yourself that you can.

I'm not sure if we have a Thai restaurant anywhere in our vicinity now.  But we have tried a few in the past, and were disappointed.

I wanted to eat lunch while we were in town, but got out-voted.  Seems the driver has the winning vote!  ;) That means we need to find something to eat around here.  I really don't want beans again, at least until tomorrow!

We watched the Chiefs win last night, too.  That made us happy!  This is the best season they have had in a long time. Their young quarterback is amazing, and they say he is well-liked by everybody.

John didn't show up at church again today.  I tried calling him, no answer.  As Larry said, he is not my responsibility, but I am concerned about him.

I never did get any painting done yesterday, guess I just wasn't really in the mood.  I tried and tried to decide on what to attempt, no luck.  :-\

I wish you all a restful, peaceful and blessed afternoon!
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Larry Hanna

Hi Everyone.  It is going to be another overcast and pretty chilly day.  We didn't get out of the house yesterday and I doubt we do today.  I am feeling some better this morning so hope to have a good day.  A friend will be here shortly to work with me for an hour.  I have nothing else on the schedule for today so it should be a pretty quiet day.

Janet, it sounds like your roads are like what I remember we experienced on the farm before the roads were graveled and then sometimes we still have the problem with winter and spring ruts and very rough roads.  I will take all the prayers I can get and I thank you.  It sounds like the weather in Kansas City may not be very good this weekend. I do hope John is OK.


I hope John learns how to ask for help...one of the hardest things to do when one has learnt how to shun all forms of help for so long... ( Dont know whether it is stubbornness, pride or stupidity )...although he may just surprise us all one day...

" Love the animals: God has given them the rudiments of thought and untroubled joy.  Do not, therefore, trouble them, do not torture them, do not deprive them of their joy, do not go against God's intent. " ~  Fyodor Mikhail Dostoyevski.


We just got home from the gym.  I only did some walking on the treadmill, as I'm feeling really tired, and just didn't have any more to give.  I was hurting until 4 AM, so very little sleep. I doubt I will get much done today.

I called John again yesterday, but no answer.  I agree with you, Jackie, but I surely don't have any answers to the dilemma. I will try calling again today.

My sister got to go home last week, that's good news! She is determined to do all she can to get better!

Larry, you are a much-loved friend, and I will continue to pray for you!
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...no, there are no answers, all you can really do is contact others you think could help, and to let others know how much you have tried to help, and just cover yourself...If sadly, there is any unfortunate comebacks, if the worst comes to its worst...Same for Richard and all who tried to help his male friend, although some tried harder than others, ( one lady, the wife of one of his male friends, who I never knew her myself did try to notify an authority, ) nor did I know Richards friend, just briefly met him once sitting in his car, I went out to introduce myself but he wasn't a communicator and I knew he didn't want to speak...

" Love the animals: God has given them the rudiments of thought and untroubled joy.  Do not, therefore, trouble them, do not torture them, do not deprive them of their joy, do not go against God's intent. " ~  Fyodor Mikhail Dostoyevski.


Janet, I tried this  recipe in my new Instant Pot yesterday and the chicken came out so tender and sooo good. She give such easy instructions to follow. https://www.simplyhappyfoodie.com/instant-pot-chicken-breast/

All is well here I will be going to Hospice to work for a couple of hours in the office of the education building. I will be doing this every Tuesday.
"Good people take care of their animals, but even the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel" Prov. 12:10
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Larry Hanna

Hi Everyone. It is another cloudy morning and still chilly outside.  I am late getting here this morning as slept in until about 8:15 and would have slept longer except Pat woke me up.  My friend was here to work with me at 9 so didn't have any time to spare but did get my breakfast eaten.  There is nothing else on the schedule for today although I am hopeful that we can get out and go to Ruby Tuesday's for their $5 salad buffet, which makes a very good main meal. 

Janet, I sure hope you are feeling better today and more rested.  You are doing all you can do as you try to check on John.  He is an adult and makes his own choices, as he should.  Glad to read your sister is home and attitude counts for a lot of recovery.  Again thank you for your prayers. 

Jackie, we can only offer our friendship but it is not our responsibility if the other person chooses not to return it as you will know. We can never know what is really going on in a person's mind.

Marilyn, meats do come out of the Instant Pot very moist and tender.  Nice of you to continue your efforts for Hospice.


Too much time this morning was spent on syncing our two computer calendars.  So much was lost on mine when my laptop stopped working.  Microsoft had to authenticate everything and they don't give you more than a nano second to listen to the 7 numbers of the code.  I don't know how everyone can pass that test.  Do these people have no common sense? 

Marilyn:  I printed the chicken breast recipe and have been thinking about trying one some day.  Thank you.

It is that time of the year - two cousins and spouses are making plans to visit - one will drive and the other couple will fly - both from mid-western Minnesota.  We will see them when they arrive at another cousin's home.   

I am happy to report that I am half way in reading the bible chapters that church printed for daily thoughts.

Back to mending a sweater.   


Larry Hanna

Hi Everyone. It is a beautiful and sunny Wednesday morning with not a cloud to be seen.  I have another friend coming to work with me in less than an hour.  Then this evening we will go to the Church for our Wednesday night dinner and hopefully get an update on the surgery our pastor was to have today in Mayo's.  Then we expect that Scott will come out to visit for awhile.  That will be plenty for today with what I have already done this morning.

Carol, I am not familiar with the authentication code required by Microsoft.  I doubt there are any people working for Microsoft or other huge Internet sites that have many, if any, people near our ages.  It sounds like you don't have to host your Minnesota cousins since you are seeing them at another cousin's home.


I'm here!  But not staying, as this is painting day!!

Marilyn, I will go back and print the recipe, I should be using the instant pot more.  I have trouble with all things electronic!!

Gotta go load my painting stuff and round up a salad to take for lunch!
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Larry:  Mayo is a great place - I brought my mother there when she was showing signs of dementia.  It was early in January in Rochester Minnesota, everything was frozen.  We were just a few blocks from the hospital and they cleared the sidewalks so nicely (they know how to shovel snow in that state).  I was so impressed by the kindness shown of all the staff and there was no rush to push us out quickly.  Wishing a fast recovery for your pastor.  He is in good hands with that hospital.  There is a Mayo in Scottsdale also.

We are concerned and praying for a good friend who just told us he has an aggressive cancer and he does not want our other friends to know just yet.  His wife passed from West Nile Virus a few years ago - it was unusual for the area. 

Don is off for a history class.  I used the iPot for a stew of my own recipe - tending to cook most of the time  without any recipe and this turned out pretty good.  Leftovers are in two quart jars in the fridge.  Mornings are in the 30 degrees now but still sunshine. 


Greetings Larry  A few weeks since I posted, reasons for that, however, I wont bore people about it.  Sunshine in Ellan Vannin, Cold at 43F -brrr!     

Larry Hanna

Hi Everyone.  It is a really chilly morning but it is suppose to get into the upper 50's this afternoon and there is a 40% chance of rain later today.  I did not go to the Wednesday night dinner at the Church last night as just didn't feel like getting out.  Scott came out and took his mother to dinner and brought me home a meal.  He came back out this morning and has taken his mother to Costco to get a few things.  I slept in this morning and am not moving very quickly.  I didn't feel up to going to coffee this morning either.

I am not going to try to comment to everyone today as just don't feel up to it.  However I am reading all of the postings. 

Our minister went to Mayo's yesterday and hit another snag.  They showed that his insurance had turned down the surgery.  He had to call back here to have a member of our Church get into his home and find the piece of paper showing the surgery had been approved.  Just what he and his wife needed was more stress.  Fortunately it appears to be straightened our and the surgery is taking place today.  He expects to be home on Saturday. 

Rebot, glad to see your posting this morning.


January 18, 2019, 03:09:08 am #48 Last Edit: January 18, 2019, 03:11:50 am by Jacqueline
Just had a strange thought...If plants, trees and flowers can come alive again after dying, then why cant we?....I think that answers the question of..."is there an afterlife, life after death "...well yes if course there is, why would anyone even question that...

" Love the animals: God has given them the rudiments of thought and untroubled joy.  Do not, therefore, trouble them, do not torture them, do not deprive them of their joy, do not go against God's intent. " ~  Fyodor Mikhail Dostoyevski.


Today is  our regular Friday night dinner with high school friends of Keith, we had not been there since October. We went last week as Keith is doing so much better. One thing that may stop us is the rain it is supposed to give us about 2" today of heavy rain.

I  was amazed at how good I can see since the last eye surgery., although the left eye is still fuzzy. I will ask the Dr about that when I go back on the 30th.

Larry how are you feeling. I have not had another AFIB episode since that first one just before Christmas.
"Good people take care of their animals, but even the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel" Prov. 12:10
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Larry, sorry to see that you're still not feeling up to par--will increase my prayers for you.

Jackie, there is NO doubt about life after death!  The big question is--where will we spend eternity?  It is so easy to choose to accept Jesus, thus assuring ourselves of eternity in heaven; but also too easy to put off the decision, thus choosing eternity in hell by default. :'(

Marilyn, glad your eyes are doing good.  I'm very happy that I can still read, even though I'd like to still be able to drive at night, too.  But if I'd been given the choice, I would choose reading!

We skipped dinner and church on Wednesday night, as the weather was bad and our roads looked impassable.  We very seldom miss anything at church.

I wish I could sleep at night when I need to be sleeping. I was awake again last night from midnight to 4 AM, then went back to bed and slept until 7:30.  Sure does mess up my days when that happens.  But I did go to the gym, just later than usual.

Sending best wishes and praying healing and blessing over each of you, my friends.
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Greetings Janet   We have an old custom in the United Kingdom when we find sleeping difficult.  It is counting sheep and it does work for some.   And hubby tells me it is a custom on the Isle of Man as well.


Rebot, I've heard of that all my life; but it's never worked for me!  Maybe because I've never been around sheep!  ;)  Cows, horses, pigs....no sheep!  This is cattle country!  I remember trying to visualize sheep jumping over a barrier one after another when I was much younger, but it didn't seem to make me sleepy.  Thanks for the smile tonight!  I think maybe the advice from a song would work better, that says "When you're restless and you can't sleep, count your blessings instead of sheep, and you'll fall asleep counting your blessings!"

We are having another really fierce winter storm with blowing snow and freezing temperatures.  Our new governor declared an emergency before the storm even hit.  I don't think she knows what she's doing, but that's just my opinion.
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Greetings Janet Someone told me that if I could not sleep, trying hiding my bedside table clock.
What! I thought.

Then my friend explained, when you cannot sleep, you keeping looking at the clock.  This can make sleeping, even  harder to occur, because the longer you go without falling asleep, the more stressed you become.

No clock - No Stress and sleep will happen.

Not sure I agree with my friend, but I will give his idea a go!    /font]


...not such a good Idea as it first sounds...If you have no clock you may feel it is later than it is and time to get up when it isn't, and worse if you put your bedside lamp on, your eyes become accustomed to the light and you may not get back to sleep again...Let nature take its course, listen to your body, your own body clock...

" Love the animals: God has given them the rudiments of thought and untroubled joy.  Do not, therefore, trouble them, do not torture them, do not deprive them of their joy, do not go against God's intent. " ~  Fyodor Mikhail Dostoyevski.

Larry Hanna

Hi Everyone.  We are to have a cloudy but very warm day getting up to 70 degrees this afternoon.  I am sorry I wasn't up to posting yesterday.  I decided yesterday morning it was time to go to our prompt care to see if my sodium had gotten too low and try to get something to deal with this sinus and headache.  The nurse practitioner, which is what you see at the prompt care facilities came in and told me I needed to go to the ER as they didn't have the facilities to do the lab work needed there.  I came home and Pat took me to the ER where I spent about 4 hours.  The test ruled out low sodium as the cause for my exhaustion, the chest xray was OK.  He gave me a prescription for an antibiotic for the sinus.  He asked me if I wanted him to admit me to the hospital and I said no.  I will contact my cardiologist next week and try to get in to see him before the appointment I have set up for mid-February.  I will read all the postings here so I can keep up with what is going on but just don't feel up to making comments today as just don't have the energy.


"Good people take care of their animals, but even the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel" Prov. 12:10
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Prayers, Larry.
We had planned to go to Garden City today to a fund raiser for the Patriot Flights, but were afraid the roads were too icy and dangerous.  So we are just staying in today.

I'm reading a book on the Keto Diet, think we will start on that.  Lots of people are getting really good results; not only losing weight, but it helps with so many diseases, too.  (By 'helps' I mean they improve in these areas.)

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Greetings Larry  Keeping you in my thoughts.   


The idea of not having a clock on your bedside table, was one of what I called from living most of life in London; Old Wives Tales.  And there are many of them.

And many folks believe in Old Wives Tales. Using them to this very day.

For example, taking a warm bath at night. 

How about wearing socks to bed!

Spraying lavender on your pillow, smells wonderful.

Having a beer at night, or two, three or four will definitely make you sleep 😊

It will also make you wake up a few times during the night as well 😊

Many people find getting to sleep easy, but many find getting sleep

My vocation in life helped patients in many ways with sleep problems.  As I looked at patients posture to make sure it did not hinder when they rested.

I devised exercise programmes for patients, in the main to make them relax in the hour before they retired for the night.