Devotionals and Studies

Two writers are highlighted at present on Christian Photographers. One series is called "Walking in the Old Paths", articles written by the late John A. Scott and the other is a study in the book of Psalms by Pastor Alan Moak.

Al Moak loves the psalms! They are Hebrew poetry, of course, and like poetry everywhere, they reflect what is in the heart. Early every morning in Jerusalem could be heard a blast on a horn atop Mt. Zion. It was calling the people to a time of worship and prayer in the tabernacle and later the temple. The Kantor (worship leader) sang out a line, then the people repeated it, then the Kantor, then the people. By doing it that way, David and the other leaders communicated their love of Jehovah and His excellencies to the people, and the people came more and more to know and love their Covenant Lord.

Al has been preaching Godís blessed Word for forty-three years now, and it has always been a great joy to him to communicate to God's people the truth about their Covenant Lord. I hope you will join with Al to see how He relates to our daily lives. Thatís the aim in Songs of Worship.

John A. Scott (or more affectionately known as "Jack") would often share his faith in Jesus Christ with others and was always willing to offer some encouragement during times of distress or need. He was often invited to preach to Church congregations.

Jack's love for his Lord was the most important thing to him and every morning he could be seen reading his Bible and praying to his heavenly Father. He offered up intercessory prayer daily for his family and friends. Whenever the opportunity arose, he spoke lovingly and reverently about his Lord and Savior. His desire to the end was that his children and grandchildren come to love and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Before his death, Jack was able to write several articles in a series he entitled, "Walking in the Old Paths". These will be shared on this website.

Read a more indepth biography on Jack here.

Sunset over Guelph after the tornado!

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