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Oldiesmann: I'm not aware of any Jenny. Not sure why activity has died down on this site so much though 2023-06-12, 00:06:36

JennyW: Also, does anyone know other photo sharing sites that are Christian? 2023-05-16, 08:47:03

JennyW: Hello Everyone! I really miss activity on this site. I've been discouraged by photography sites where you have to sort through so much explicit content in order to see photos that truly glorify God. I'd love to see this site pick up again. 2023-05-16, 08:46:36

Janet: Carol, I am just reading this.  So sorry for your loss, glad your beloved Don knew the Lord and you have the assurance of his eternity  and that you WILL see him again.  Much love to you.  Janet 2022-06-18, 08:49:36

Oldiesmann: So sorry for your loss Carol. Praying for you and your family :( 2022-05-01, 17:13:05

Carol: My husband Don is with the angels.....Our family was able to hold  ourselves together for the last moments.  Juar rhoufhr you might want to know. 2022-04-29, 23:35:15

Carol: Thankful:  Don is home from hospital.  I found him unconscious with head outside on the floor and the rest was in the shower.  At the same moment, one son was walking through the front door to visit.  Two fire trucks came racing in and they took over After 2021-12-29, 22:01:26

JennyW: Autumn is shaping up to be quite beautiful this year! 2021-10-02, 12:24:03

JudyB: I will be back this evening to start July's thoughts..... The wedding was beautiful! 2021-07-02, 11:51:09

JudyB: June is finally started! 2021-06-07, 12:34:35

What's Your Camera Brand?

Started by Pat, February 18, 2006, 02:04:28 PM

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What camera brands do you use? Tell us why below in a post if you wish. Click any that apply.

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36 (44.4%)
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11 (13.6%)
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26 (32.1%)
11 (13.6%)
4 (4.9%)
8 (9.9%)
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8 (9.9%)

Total Members Voted: 81


We'd be so interested in knowing what brand of camera you use.

Feel free to post here as to why you like your brand.

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I use a Nikon now, but also love my Fuji.  I chose Fuji initially for its repuation and the way the camera fit in my hands. 

I also love my Nikon (although I didn't go out and buy it, I had been leaning towards saving up for the D50 when I received it by surprise)  -- same reason applies here - fits so well in my hand, and I feel that the controls are intuitive to use.

"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and then leave a trail. "
Ralph Waldo Emerson


I started with an old Yashica, my father-in-law's camera.  It took great picts, but had a fixed lens.  Then after graduating from bible college, my wife bought me a Canon AE-1 Program with a standard 50mm f/1.4 lens and an 80-210 Tamron zoom.  Later I added teleconverters and a 25-70 zoom.  It was/is a great camera.  Took most of the picts of my boy with it as they grew up.

Then, a member of our church gave me a Nikon F-801 with a 35-70 zoom and 75-300 zoom and supplied me with film for years.  He said God told him to bless me, and boy did he!  I liked the Nikon a lot, but found the viewfinder darker than my Canon's, but the AF was nice at soccer games and such.

Then I bought a Canon PowerShot S40 and liked being able to send picts to friends, but sure was missing my film cameras and the great picts I could take with those.  Decided to start saving for a DSLR, after reading that the quality of images had made great strides.  Was torn between Nikon and Canon, because I really wanted to use my Nikkor AF lenses, but in my budget, the Canon Digital Rebel XT (350D/Kiss N) beat a similarly-priced Nikon for what my needs were.  And I went with the prime lens for sharpness and because it was a combination portrait/macro lens.  I haven't regretted the 60mm F/2.8 for a second.  Now I have my sites set on a wide angle lense ;)

I've written a book!  Enough.

Canon EOS 40D
Canon EF 35 f/1.4L
Canon EF 135 f/2L
Canon EF 400 f/5.6L
Canon EF-S 60 f/2.8 Macro
Canon EF-S 10-22 f/3.5/4.5
Canon Extender EF 1.4x II

In His Grip,

Etta Sue

Sony is the only brand I have had for digital.  Seems to do what I want and cost less than other brands. 


I bought an Olympus again.  My third one.  This last one isn't my favorite of the three.


It's great to see your replies! 

Thanks so much!

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I have a Hewlett-Packard 945, with 5.3 mp and a 56x zoom. I love it!  It's quite a bit larger than the HP I had before (and still use some) but the zoom is so much better and so much easier to use.  If I could I would have a Rebel DSLR, but I need to be a lot more confident and a lot more computer savvy to justify that kind of expense.

This one does what I want to do, and I love the photos from it.
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Larry Hanna

I have an Olympus Camedia C-2040Zoom camera.


I'm still using my Kodak Advantix.  Not because I want to but rather the expense of a digital is beyond my reach at the moment.


I've still got my nice HP Photosmart M307 (and lots more pictures that I haven't uploaded here yet...)
The Oldiesmann
Forum Guru
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Canon has always been my favorite, even when I was shooting film with my old EOS 10S. Since EOS lenses (EF lenses) are all compatable with the 20D , and since it reminded me so much of my old 10S, it was only natural that I go with it when I went digital. I sold all my old film equipment...except for one really old Minolta, and an underwater Minolta as well. I still have an old manual Ricoh too, if that counts. The 20D is my favorite though! <3

Jeanne Lee

I started out with a Kodak with less than 1mp.  When that started to freeze up every now and then so that I couldn't shoot, I got a Pentax 2mp which took nice sharp pictures but only had 2x zoom and I wanted more than that.  So I traded it in on an Olympus 750UZ - 4mp with 10x zoom.  That was great but too bulky to carry in my purse and I didn't always have it on hand for a quick snap so now I've added an Olympus Stylus 800, which is 8mp and has an anti-shake setting. 
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Well, I started my photography Adventure with my girlfriends Minolta Maxxum 5000 film Camera. Which I still have and really enjoy using.
I won an HP 635 photosmart at work, which is the first and only digital that I own. I would never spend money on an HP. I am NOT satisfied with what this camera can do. But I am having a BLAST anyway and it is making me hungry for a better camera. I have started saving for a good one. My HP does not do manual settings, which is what I want to be able to do. I WANT TO BE CREATIVE!
I am appreciating this topic. It is good to hear feedback on the different cameras.
~ Awakened Heart ~

When we FACE UP to the glory of God,
we find ourselves FACEDOWN in worship.
                  -Matt Redman-


I use a Canon EOS 20D. So far...I haven't felt limited. It's a pretty good one. Unfortunately, along with creative ability in your tools, comes a hefty price tag. There are lots of good choices out there, depending on your budget, but there are a few common denominators.

You need a camera with as many of these options as posible:
Interchangeable lenses.
Manual settings.
Highest megapixel count your budget allows.
Hot shoe.
Removeable media.

I'm sure I've left something out, but our fellow Brothers and Sisters will fill in the blanks. :)
Peace, Ritz.



The slot on top of the camera where you can attatch an accessory flash.


Thank you.  I would never have figured that one out.


Hello, I "inherited" from my wife. Now she uses the newest Canon Rebel while I faithfully use the digital Rebel XT.
God Bless


 :thumbsup: Welcome David! Every camera in my house passes through two sets of hands too! ;D


My main camera now is a Pentax *ist DL DSLR.  I also have a Pentax 35MM SLR which doesn't see much use now.  I have a Sony DSC-P93 which my kids use more than I do now, and a Minolta waterproof that uses the goofy Kodak Advantix film.  I bought it to take snorkeling with me on vacation once.  Never did go snorkeling with it but the kids thought it was fun to play with in the pool.

No man ever prayed heartily without learning something. - Ralph Waldo Emerson


Well, i guess I'm kinda new here... though I've been lurking for a while.

I have three Nikons...the new D200, the D70 and an older coolpix 3200, and looking at the D50 as my third reall backup camera.
I am enable and strengthened by Him alone - He is my creator, and only by His grace, do I have life.


Welcome Gracie! Good to have you here, please join us at new every morning...that's where we all "Hang out."


Thanks for the welcome - I've been reading the "New Every Morning" thread  :)
I am enable and strengthened by Him alone - He is my creator, and only by His grace, do I have life.


I have a 20D.  It took a LOT of research and holding cameras before I decided to go with it.  It cost more than I wanted to spend, but I felt it was what I needed to do the best pictures I could in the hospital's low light.  I started in photography with a Pentax, then a Canon, and then I was kind of hoping to go to Olympus, but now unless I become uber-wealthy suddenly and unexpectedly so that I can go to a Hassleblad...I'll be sticking with Canon since I've got some nice lenses and 2 flashes for it and won't want to start over with a different brand.

I love my 20D though, I am very happy with it.



I (and my husband) each have digi rebels 300s.  Before that, I had a sony dsc-s30 (which now belongs to my 4 year old) and a sony F707 (which now belongs to my niece).  My husband had an olympus E10 (well, still has it if anyone wants to buy it.)


My newest baby is the Nikon D200, but many uses still for the Nikon F5, Widelux F7, Mamiya RB67, Sinar P2, and the wonderful handmade 6x15cm 120 panoramic camera. :o
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Al Moak

I've got a Kodak 3900, and I have only one reason - I got it at a bargain price!  Seems to work well, but I sure would like to be able to do some macro shots.  I haven't figured out any way to do it with this Kodak.


   I canon elan 7 which i just love and a back-yo camera canon jt

I am looking to buy the canon30 d when it affordable in my pocket. I used to use pentax then switched. Love it and how it feels in my hand.

I am new here and I look forward to sharing my work with other believers in Christ. Hope to meet new friends too. In his name


Love that Canon 300D Rebel :)  Need some better lenses, though!
I survived open heart surgery.... :)

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I am such a lucky girl!

My parents puchased for me a Canon PowerShot SD450.  I am digital now!

I still have my Kodak Advantix but film for it is becoming hard to get.  I was hoping that I would be able to upgrade to a digital but knew it would be a while before it was affordable and then I had this wonderful gift given to me.