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Janet: Carol, I am just reading this.  So sorry for your loss, glad your beloved Don knew the Lord and you have the assurance of his eternity  and that you WILL see him again.  Much love to you.  Janet Jun 18 2022 8:49am

Oldiesmann: So sorry for your loss Carol. Praying for you and your family :( May 01 2022 5:13pm

Carol: My husband Don is with the angels.....Our family was able to hold  ourselves together for the last moments.  Juar rhoufhr you might want to know. Apr 29 2022 11:35pm

Carol: Thankful:  Don is home from hospital.  I found him unconscious with head outside on the floor and the rest was in the shower.  At the same moment, one son was walking through the front door to visit.  Two fire trucks came racing in and they took over After Dec 29 2021 10:01pm

JennyW: Autumn is shaping up to be quite beautiful this year! Oct 02 2021 12:24pm

JudyB: I will be back this evening to start July's thoughts..... The wedding was beautiful! Jul 02 2021 11:51am

JudyB: June is finally started! Jun 07 2021 12:34pm

JudyB: I've gone crazy posting songs today, all but one were Pat's favourites too! Apr 15 2021 10:24pm

JudyB: Good Morning everyone!  October's devotional has started! Oct 01 2020 10:25am

JudyB: July 2020 has been started!! Jul 01 2020 12:57pm

Gospel for Asia

Started by Pat, August 10, 2004, 04:11:13 PM

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I thought I'd share with you an email I receive regularly...  We need to pray for our Missionaries.

    Dear Mrs. Scott,
    How are you today? I trust you are serving Jesus and walking with Him on the narrow path.

    Persecution on the field is dramatically increasing for native missionaries and believers across Asia. I want to share the following story with you and request your prayers not only for this brother but many others facing similar trials and tests of their faith.

    GFA Church Threatened - Aug 9, 2004

    Imagine worshipping at your church, only to be disrupted by angry men issuing threats. Many of us can't picture this, but for GFA Pastor Ramzan (left) in largely unreached Karnataka (India) it became a reality last Sunday when 300 members of a radical anti-Christian group barged into his church. They accused the pastor of forcibly converting people and threatened him. They staged a protest where they yelled accusations against Christians and distributed propaganda against missionaries. Even local authorities did nothing to stop the mistreatment.

    Previously many Christian workers fled the area because of warnings from opposers of the Gospel. But Pastor Ramzan stayed and continued to reach lost people for Christ. Karnataka is South India's most spiritually destitute state, with nearly all its people groups still unreached. Out of a population of 53 million, 2.1 percent are Christian. Pray with us for this congregation and their pastor, that God may comfort them. Pray for peace in the area and that authorities will intervene in the situation. Most of all, pray these believers in Christ will be able to say, like the apostle Paul, "that the things which happened to me have actually turned out for the furtherance of the gospel" (Philippians 1:12, NKJV).

    May the Lord richly bless you as you seek to reach others with the Gospel.

    Grace and peace,

    John Schwartz

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      Night Journey - 08/09/04

      Darshan lay on her bed, curled up in pain. If only I had more money, she thought. But even if she could afford it, she was afraid to undergo surgery to cure the piercing pain in her stomach.

      She had already been to the doctor after suffering discomfort for some time. He told her it could be stones, and that she should get treatment right away. But Darshan was too poor, so she went home and continued trying to bear the pain.

      One night Darshan writhed in intense pain. My life is going to end, she thought. Only 35, she was sure she was dying.

      Yet the Lord had mercy and sent some Christians who pointed her to GFA Pastor Laddi (see photo). It was around midnight when she traveled to meet him in her weak state.

      Though it was the middle of the night, Pastor Laddi had compassion on Darshan's pitiful condition and started to pray for her. As he did, her pain began to subside. Soon it was gone. The journey in the night that led her to Pastor Laddi had brought relief: The living God had healed her!

      Pray this miracle will open doors for Darshan and many others to receive the Gospel. Rejoice that through Pastor Laddi's witness in this area of Tamil Nadu (India), 10 people have come to the Savior in the past six months.

      Hungry to Hear More - 08/06/04

      A GFA pastor in North India recently reported about an area of 35 villages where 8,000 people have been tuning in to Gospel for Asia's Athmeeya Yathra radio broadcast for the past three years. Now they are interested in hearing more about the Lord Jesus.

      A GFA leader has made plans to send a musical team to present the Gospel in this area. "Please pray," he writes, "that the Lord will help us establish several churches soon." GFA currently broadcasts in 83 Asian languages. Thank God for how He is using radio to touch hungry, unreached hearts in Asia.

      A Son for Masih - 08/05/04

      With mixed joy and longing, 52-year-old Masih watched his seven daughters at play. As a believer, he thanked God for his children. There was just one thing he still desired: a son. While he deeply loved his daughters, they could not carry on the responsibilities of sons.

      For some time Masih and his wife had anxiously hoped for a son, and the whole family eagerly looked to God to bless them with this gift. However, as they grew older, the chances of the couple having another child became slim.

      One day, Masih and his family visited with Pastor Hajind (see photo), who urged them to keep believing and shared Bible stories of God's miracles and blessings. Encouraged, the family asked the Believers Church pastor to pray for them.

      Then they waited expectantly. Soon, to everyone's excitement, Masih's wife was expecting. The family praised God when she gave birth to a healthy baby boy--the answer to their prayers. This little boy--and the miracle that brought him--reminded the family of God's faithfulness. Pray this special son and his seven sisters will grow up to testify of God's grace.

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      Dear Pat,

      I am glad the Lord has given you a burden for Asia as He has me through Asia Harvest and Paul Hattaway.(

      Thank-you for bringing the plight of India's Christians to our attention.News Broadcasts in U.K. have reported recently on the destruction of churches and murder of Christians in India.

      Thank-God for the Radio Broadcasts.  I shall pray that more folks will be provided with radio access that they may hear the Gospel.  Radio is an item we take for granted. We have 5 Radios in this house.

      Yes please keep us updated Pat.

      Jenny X



      Thanks Jenny...  Yes, I will continue to put the news in here for any who might be interested.

      Thanks so much for posting that you saw it.

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      Morning Pat!

      Pastor Laddi

      I just popped in with my cuppa to have a more in-depth read and I looked at the photo of Pastor Laddi. He is so young. Such a lovely face. I felt drawn to him....I did consider putting a Prayer thread for him but felt I should ask you first. Perhaps you could do it. He really has an amazing ministry. The thing about the prayer threads is that we can "watch this space"...if I am being presumptious then forgive and forget it..

      I have placed Pastor Laddi on my bedside prayers list.

      Love Jenny X



      We received an update on GFA native missionary Besh. As of today, the Nepali missionary is still being held by Maoist insurgents after being abducted about 12 days ago. Our GFA Nepal field leaders do not know his condition or his whereabouts; all they know is that his life remains in grave danger. They have prayerfully sent another missionary to search for Besh.

      Please visit to read the rest of the story and learn more about the situation in Nepal. Thank you for praying for our dear brother and the people of this nation.

      Yours for the unreached millions,
      K.P. Yohannan
      President - Gospel for Asia

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      "Good people take care of their animals, but even the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel" Prov. 12:10
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      Gospel for Asia Update...September 7

        Missionary Besh freed!...[/size]

        Dear Mrs. Scott,
        We just received exciting news that GFA native missionary Besh has been freed from the Maoist group that abducted him in mid-August. Another missionary had been sent to search for him, but in the meantime Besh was safely returned, physically unharmed. This is nothing short of a miracle when we consider that Maoists in this district typically kill those they abduct.

        We appreciate your prayers for this brother in Christ throughout his ordeal. Give thanks to the Father for his protection and release. Pray for His comfort and healing to be upon Besh as he recovers from the experience and continues evangelizing the unreached. Continue to pray with us for the Lord to intervene and bring peace to the nation of Nepal, where insurgent Maoists fight for a communist state and control 60 percent of the country. More than 9,000 lives have been lost since the conflict began in 1996.

        Grace and peace,

        John Schwartz

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        URGENT Update -- Sept. 9
        GFA Missionaries Held Hostage; To Be Killed within 48 Hours

          Dear Mrs. Scott,

          Anti-Christian elements have captured, severely beaten and are threatening to kill GFA native missionary Pastor Manrathan and his wife. GFA Bible woman Sarita is also being held hostage. Please visit to learn more.

        For those who have never heard,
        K.P. Yohannan

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        GFA Missionary Hostages Released! Sept. 10

          Dear Mrs. Scott,

          In a miraculous turn of events, three Gospel for Asia native missionaries captured yesterday in the Indian state of Bihar have been released.

          Pastor Manrathan, his wife and Bible woman Sarita were severely beaten and tied to a sacred tree by an anti-Christian group. Their captors demanded a ransom of 25,000 rupees within 48 hours and threatened to kill the three Gospel workers if the full amount was not received.

          While I am still waiting on the full details, I wanted to inform you of this wonderful news as soon as possible. We are so grateful for how the Lord has answered the prayers of thousands of believers worldwide.

          Please continue to pray for these three native missionaries as they recover from their injuries, that they would take hold of God's grace made so abundant during suffering such as theirs.

          And let us not forget others in our family of believers who continue to face opposition, persecution, imprisonment and even death for the sake of Jesus. Our 14,000 GFA pastors and missionaries, who share His love in some of the most difficult regions of Asia, need wisdom, endurance and boldness. Ask the Lord to especially strengthen the new believers in their churches.

          We will be sure to send a full report as soon as we have more information.

          For those who have never heard,
          K.P. Yohannan

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        This is good news indeed. Praise God!

        Yes let us continue to pray for the "Living Witnesses" in China and Asia.  They are a wonderful inspiration to us.

        Al Moak

        Oh Father, I pray You will convict these Maoists and others.  I pray they may come to realize that they are opposing You.  Move them, many of them, to fall down upon their knees and confess this sin and call upon our Lord Jesus.


        Interview with Released Hostage...

        Dear Mrs. Scott,

        Imagine yourself being severely beaten for sharing Christ in a remote Indian village. Last week, several Gospel for Asia missionaries in Bihar, North India, suffered heavy beatings, were tied to a sacred tree and received threats of death within 48 hours if unable to pay an exorbitant ransom.

        As the family of God worldwide began to pray about this crisis, 17 Gospel for Asia pastors from the surrounding districts gathered together and went to the leaders of the anti-Christian group holding the missionaries. The pastors appealed to each member individually and to the group as well, trusting God to intervene on their behalf.

        At first the pastors were only met with anger and threats, but then tensions miraculously subsided. After further warnings, the group let the missionaries go. It was almost a repeat of the incident in Acts 4 as the pastors observed, right before their eyes, how the Lord supernaturally changed their enemies' hearts.

        One of the missionaries held hostage was Pastor Manrathan. in his own words, he relates his experience and how the Lord sustained him and his coworkers. Read his amazing interview here!

        May the Lord richly bless you today as you serve Him.

        On behalf of the unreached,
        K.P. Yohannan

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        It's well worth the click to read about this hostage taking and 400 people attacking him!

        Click on the link above.

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        Missionary Threatened with Death, Urgent Prayer Requested

          Saturday, October 2, 2004

          Dear Mrs. Scott,

          Your prayers are urgently requested for Pastor Kumar, a Gospel for Asia native missionary in the south Indian state of Karnataka, who is right now facing a life-and-death situation.

          After his graduation from a GFA Bible college, he and his wife Sonia moved to an unreached village and began their ministry together, sharing the love of Jesus with those who had never heard His name. Over the past two years the Lord has given them growth: Not only has their baby boy become a happy little toddler, but today more than 40 new believers gather to worship the living God in the church he has established.

          But Pastor Kumar's faithful labors and victories have not come without attack from Satan. He has received threats from anti-Christian fundamentalist groups over the past several weeks. Yesterday those threats escalated into a full-scale demonstration.

          One of our senior leaders notified me just a few hours ago that a mob went to each house in Kumar's village, threatening anyone who went to church this Sunday-they would break their arms and legs, and kill them. Finally they came to Pastor Kumar's home and beat him. Before leaving, they delivered their ultimatum: If he conducted Sunday services this weekend, they would kill him in front of his wife and son.

          Pastor Kumar reported these threats to his GFA leader, who brought the incident to the police. However, the police responded that they couldn't help; this mob was too large and the pastor should do whatever he wanted to do.

          Please intercede for Pastor Kumar today, and earnestly ask the Lord to protect his life and those of the new believers in this village of Karnataka state. Pray God will give our GFA leaders wisdom to know how to handle this situation. In addition, several other native missionaries serving in Karnataka are also facing persecution for preaching the Gospel. These religious fundamentalist groups regularly use such intimidation and violence tactics. Pray that all our brothers and sisters would have abundant grace to stand firm for the sake of Christ.

          For those who have never heard,
          K.P. Yohannan

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        Lord Jesus,

        I pray for Pastor Kumar, his family and his church fellowship  Please keep them safe by the power of the precious blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, shed at that they may continue their mighty witness in that neighbourhood., and may all who attempt to main or harm any of Your children see Your Glory and be amazed and turn and be converted.



        GFA Pastor Beaten and Kidnapped

          Dear Mrs. Scott,

          Your urgent prayers are needed for two of our brothers in Asia.

          Yesterday GFA pastors Tulsiram and Vijay in Chhattisgarh (India) were severely beaten and kidnapped by anti-Christian elements as they prepared to baptize 32 new believers. Their captors took them to an unknown location. The kidnapping was part of a plan to stop them from continuing ministry in the village.

          By God's grace Pastor Vijay escaped and ran close to 25 miles to tell the GFA district leader of the incident. The district leader informed GFA's Chhattisgarh state office and also rushed to the village where the kidnapping took place in hopes of securing the other native pastor's release. We still do not know Pastor Tulsiram's whereabouts. Please fervently pray for this urgent situation.
          View full story online at:

        Last week we asked you to pray for GFA Pastor Kumar. Your prayers have made a difference. Thank you. To read an update of how God protected his family and congregation over the weekend, go to Together we give thanks to the Father for courageous brothers like Kumar who daily put their lives on the line to reach needy souls with the Gospel of Christ.

        Your brother in Christ,

        K.P. Yohannan
        President - Gospel for Asia

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        Thank-you Pat for posting this...


        Oh, Jenny, I'm so happy that you've been reading these.

        I'm going to go to hear Pastor Yohannan on Sunday.  He's going to be in a little church in Elmira near to Guelph.  I'm really looking forward to hearing him.

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        GFA Responds to Deadly Tsunami

        CARROLLTON, Texas, Dec. 27, 2004 - Gospel for Asia workers are rushing food, clothing, medical supplies-and the love of God-to millions of Asians still in deep shock from a disaster spawned by the most powerful earthquake in 40 years.

        GFA President K.P. Yohannan, who returned from India the day after the powerful tsunami hurled devastating walls of water from Thailand to Africa, said GFA workers are already ministering among the estimated three million survivors huddled in massive refugee camps in India.  Others are serving in Sri Lanka and other hard-hit countries.

        In Sri Lanka, where 12,000 deaths have been reported, 17 villages in the rebel-controlled north of the island have been especially hard hit, and an entire train with 1,000 people on board was washed away along a coastal rail line.

        Amid the death and destruction, however, Brother K.P. reported this morning on how God's hand protected one Believer's Church congregation.

        "In one of our churches in Sri Lanka, our believers were spared even though their entire village was washed away," Brother K.P. explained. "At the time the wave hit, they were all in church, and their church building is
        located up in the mountains."

        But Christians have suffered alongside their countrymen throughout South Asia's devastated coastal regions. One pastor in Sri Lanka, Brother Logidasan, lost his wife, son, and mother when the waves crashed in on them.  The leader of GFA work in Sri Lanka, Lal Vanderwall, has called for prayer for the pastor and his coworkers as they try to minister to others in the midst of their own grief.

        In India, the confirmed death toll has hit 11,000, but thousands more are still listed as missing. It may be weeks before a final number is known, as thousands of men, women, and children were swept out to sea as the killer waves retreated. Some were out for a Sunday morning stroll on the beach when the tsunami hit. More than 5,000 fishermen are missing, their small boats swamped and crushed by the awesome power of the rushing water.

        Hundreds and perhaps thousands lost their lives in the Indian coastal states of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, and Kerala, where GFA has its Asian headquarters. Most of the victims knew nothing of the earthquake or the tsunami until the huge waves began rising up from the ocean in front of them. Most South Asian countries lack warning systems to alert the people to such imminent dangers.

        As of this morning, reports were still coming in from GFA offices across Asia.

        In the Andaman Islands a reported 6,000 people have been killed. In another miracle, however, all 26 GFA missionaries serving on the low-lying island chain are reported safe.

        "We thank God for these miracles," Brother K.P. said, "and pray that He will use these believers to share His love and compassion with the millions who are suffering so terribly."

        In the wake of this disaster, GFA's 1.5 million-member Believers Church in India is rallying support and deploying its leadership and members to minister to those suffering so horribly-both physically and spiritually.

        "In times like these, we know that God opens the hearts of those who suffer, and we pray that as our workers demonstrate God's love to them, many of them will come to know for the first time that real security comes only through Him," Brother K.P. said. "We ask that our brothers and sisters in
        the West take the time today to pray for these millions of victims, that they will feel God's presence and grace in a special way.  And please pray for our workers, that they will be given strength to serve in these horribly difficult circumstances."

        "This is the most widespread disaster to hit Asia in decades," added Brother K.P., "and it is our prayer that in the face of such massive suffering, with your help we can become a shining beacon of God's love and

        To help GFA bring help and hope to the tsunami victims, please go to And to help you pray for these suffering men, women, and children, we will be posting updates and photos from the disaster areas as they become available at


        ::: About Gospel for Asia:

        ::: Sign-up Information
        If you received this email as a forward and would like to sign up, please
        visit our website at and join over 157,000
        Christians around the world who receive GFA's email update!

        Gospel for Asia
        1800 Golden Trail Ct.
        Carrollton TX 75010

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        Email from K.P. Yohannan in Sri Lanka

        Dear Friends:

        I am writing to you from Sri Lanka, in the middle of the wasteland left by the tsunami. I traveled here to meet with our leaders and to work on a very important project, which I would like to share with you: The government of Sri Lanka has asked Gospel for Asia to take on responsibility for 10,000 of the children orphaned in the tragedy.

        It saddens me to hear reports of people abusing these helpless children. Because government officials know our ministry, they were confident they could trust us to take care of these little ones. GFA missionaries are already setting up ten transition homes with massive kitchens. We are hoping that in the coming days, relatives will come forward and claim many of the children. We do not know how many will need to remain in the orphanages, but it is a very important and ongoing responsibility.

        But in the meantime, your gift to tsunami relief through GFA will make a difference-and save children's lives. (click here to donate)

        Another vital task is to make sure there is safe drinking water for these children. The water supply has been contaminated in the worst way-through death. Without pure water to drink, even more people will die. Texas Baptist Men's Disaster Relief teams have come to work with us, bringing special equipment to sanitize water.

        Besides these two tasks, we also have plans to build 1,000 homes for some of the thousands of people who lost everything in India and Sri Lanka. We hope to have land donated so we can build small villages with about 100 homes in each.

        Some officials who did not welcome our missionaries into their villages in the past are now, by the grace of God, asking us to build homes for their people. One man who had previously opposed some of our missionaries, violently beating them and driving them from his village, now welcomed them back, saying, "I never knew your Jesus loved me so much!"

        And Gospel for Asia missionaries are committed to going out into the chaos every day to offer clean water, good food, clothing and medicines in His name.

        Your prayers for these selfless brothers and sisters-and your support for them-are deeply appreciated.

        If you were here with me, you would see how tragic this really is. It is one thing to read a newspaper article, or watch television coverage, but to be here and see the destruction and feel the people's pain is overwhelming.

        You see, those who were not among the more than 150,000 victims still suffer from grave physical injuries and unimaginable mental anguish. To watch as your family is swept away right in front of you by the killer wave-how do you ever forget that image?

        Our missionaries are reaching out to these people every hour of every day to not only tend to their physical needs, but also to share the Gospel and offer them comfort in His name. Everywhere I look I see men, women and children reeling with grief. In fact, there are many mothers here who lost a child and, in the process, also lost their minds. They need to know that God is with them in their darkest moments.

        "Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted" (Matthew 5:4).

        Brothers and sisters, I am confident that the Lord will use this tragedy to bring people to Him. This is one of the finest opportunities for the entire Body of Christ to demonstrate His love. Please pray that the Lord will give our leaders wisdom in ministering to the survivors. I also ask you to please pray for our workers that they will be given strength to serve in these very trying circumstances.

        It is also our prayer that with your help, we can become a shining beacon of God's love and compassion in the face of such massive suffering.

        If you are moved to help the Tsunami victims, please click here:
        or call: 1-800-WIN-ASIA (946-2742).

        We will continue to post updates, photos and prayer requests on the website. As always, 100 percent of your donation toward the relief effort will go to those in need on the mission field. May God bless you for your prayers and generosity.

        Your brother in Christ,
        K.P. Yohannan

        Founder and President
        Gospel for Asia

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        Indian Court to Rule on Dalit Case

        Dear Mrs. Scott,

        With a deep burden from the Lord, I write this letter asking you to please pray.

        On October 25 the government of India must respond to the Supreme Court regarding the Dalit Christians' rights under the constitution of the land. It has been that when Dalits become Christians they lose their "reservations" (certain number of placements specifically for Dalits) for education, employment and many other rights that are granted specifically to Dalits under the law.

        According to the government census some 20 million Dalits have become Christians. These precious people's rights are violated: Their women and children are raped, they are not allowed to draw water from wells in many communities, and so many more accounts of cruelty. Some of the communities, like the Banjara with 61 million people, live with 90 percent illiteracy and horrible poverty!

        And this is the fate of nearly 300 million men, women and children!!

        Please fast and pray that the government of India will correct these injustices on October 25 when the Supreme Court rules on this case. We have only a few days now to intercede and pray with a broken heart for the sake of these millions who have suffered so much for the last 3,000 years

        Thank you so much for seriously taking this to the Lord in prayer.

        Yours for His name's sake,

        K.P. Yohannan

        Founder & President
        Gospel for Asia

        10/18/2005: Indian Court to Rule on Dalit Case

        NEW DELHI (October 18) - In a conditional victory for Dalit Christians, India's Supreme Court told the government yesterday that it does have jurisdiction to rule on the case of legal rights for the "Untouchable" believers, and that it will issue its final ruling on October 25. Gospel for Asia President K.P. Yohannan said the hearing date is a blessing for Christians, "because it means the Lord is giving us a few more days to pray for the Supreme Court to give millions of Dalit Christians their full rights as citizens of India."

        The Indian government had argued that the Supreme Court did not have jurisdiction over the case because of a government commission set up to decide the issue. The court ruling was seen as a victory for Dalit believers, and Christian leaders are calling for prayers to continue that the October 25 ruling will firmly establish the civil rights that Dalits now lose when becoming Christians.

        Although the caste system was legally ended in 1950, it still regulates much of Indian society, and the Dalits are at the lowest rung in this oppressive class structure. And while Hindu, Sikh and Buddhist Dalits are given affirmative action placements in universities and government jobs, they lose these and other rights when they become Christians.

        The court case will determine whether these rights will be extended to Christians.

        "What the militant leaders have been doing to deny the Dalit Christians their rights is totally unconstitutional," Dr. Yohannan declared. "Yet despite the persecution and loss of rights, millions of Dalits have become Christians.

        "When the court rules in favor of the Christians, it will be like a dam bursting. The possibility is that 300 million 'Untouchables' who have been living in slavery will at last find their way to freedom and hope. This is the last barrier to them moving out of the oppression of the Hindu caste system."

        "Again, I call on all believers to fast and pray over these next few days as the court is making its final decision. Let us thank God for what He is doing, and pray for the judges as they weigh the evidence on behalf of our Dalit brothers and sisters."

        "Click for Waterloo Wellington, Ontario Forecast"



        Fire Damages Slum Near Bridge of Hope Center

        October 24, 2005

        The lives of several children attending a Bridge of Hope center in Tamil Nadu, India, were disrupted when fire struck the nearby slum where they lived. Remnants of coals from a cooking fire started the blaze, which completely destroyed numerous houses and killed several residents. According to eyewitnesses, the flames reached a height of nearly 30 feet.

        The slum is located along a riverbank where numerous impoverished families reside. 

        The fire occurred during the day, when the children were eating their lunch at the Bridge of Hope center and their parents were at work, which greatly reduced the number of casualties. But some residents—including boys and girls attending the center—lost everything. 

        Bridge of Hope staff members have visited the homeless families, now living in a temporary shelter, bringing them food, cooking vessels and clothing. Along with this, they are sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

        This area is just one of thousands where Gospel for Asia has established Bridge of Hope centers to reach out to impoverished children. Pray that these families would know the Lord's provision for them, and that their hearts would be open to receiving Christ.

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        Jesus Wells Bring Living Water

        Dear Mrs. Scott,

        Imagine standing next to a fountain and having the privilege of telling all who partake in the water about the Living Water, Jesus Christ.

        This is the scene that unfolds near Pastor Vompu's church every day. A "Jesus Well" was dug close by, and many people come to the well as a source of "sweet water." Most of the water available to the villagers is of poor, salty quality, and they are excited to taste the clean water offered by this well.

        Because of having a Jesus Well near his church, Pastor Vompu has had the opportunity to share Christ with many people who come. Not only are these thirsty villagers being physically nourished, but they are also being spiritually nourished by the Living Water given to them. Please click here to see a PhotoShow of the Jesus Wells being used by the Lord throughout Asia.

        Please keep this congregation in your prayers as they reach out to the lost by providing clean drinking water and the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

        Please pray that many in Asia will soon hear that their deepest thirst can be satisfied in Jesus.

        Yours for the unreached,

        K.P. Yohannan

        Founder & President
        Gospel for Asia

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